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Discover the new Collin Arredo 2014 bathrooms

Discover the new Collin Arredo 2014 bathrooms

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What looks! The new Collin Arredo bathroom collection is an eye-opener! Zen, natural, vitaminized, they have all the ingredients to seduce us. Their little extra? In addition to being decorative, they also know how to be very practical, even in small spaces. We let you discover them in pictures.

A wooden basin

Collin Arredo This bathroom installed on the stone of the house exudes a charm. And to maintain this authentic atmosphere, we opt for a wooden basin that looks like a small bucket.

Nature atmosphere

Collin Arredo The natural style has not said its last word and in the bathroom it has no trouble winning. Light wooden furniture, clean lines, and green accessories set the tone.

A cocoon

Collin Arredo Small cocoon of well-being in this bathroom with natural and simple furniture. The basin has pretty curves for a wavy effect as we like!

Touches of pep

Collin Arredo The bathroom is a room in which you can easily dare a few touches of color. Orange, combined with light wooden furniture brings a real little extra to the decor.

A stone basin

Collin Arredo If you like the mineral atmosphere in the bathroom, take it easy and choose a basin cut out of a large stone. As for the wall, it is also covered with tiling made of natural materials.

An established

Collin Arredo Nice idea that this workbench installed in the bathroom! It brings a real cachet to the room in no time, especially when you add two wooden basins full of authenticity.

Raw wood

Collin Arredo After the living room, the dining room and the bedroom, the raw wood trend is exported even in the bathroom. And to accompany this vanity unit, we opt for parquet in the same tones that warms the room.


Collin Arredo What could be more pleasant than a bathroom in which you like to relax after a long day at work? To create a real space of well-being, we adopt without restraint these wooden furniture that exudes zenitude.

Vitamin E

Collin Arredo To be in a good mood just after rising, you need to bet on a vitamin-enriched bathroom! We love this wooden furniture that has fun with a few notes of red.


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