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XXL verandas, a foot in nature

XXL verandas, a foot in nature

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The veranda is a fully glazed living room. But it is above all a little bit of luxury that allows us to have a view of the garden. Or how to believe in the wild regardless of the outside temperature. At least, this is what the following lot of verandas, version XXL, boasts.

Panoramic view

Reynaers ### The advantage of enlarging a veranda? Increase its bay windows to obtain an almost panoramic view. Chic!


Reynaers ### Nestled in a corner of the house, this L-shaped veranda offers an unobstructed view and express access to the swimming pool and the garden.

With integrated swimming pool

Reynaers ### Here is a little piece of paradise called a veranda with a swimming pool. Not only can we savor the pleasure of feeling in harmony with nature there, but in addition, this pleasure can be enjoyed in the water.

Dining room

Reynaers ### Sunbathing in this dining room in the veranda. Or how to compete with the summer meal on the terrace.

In the heart of the garden

Reynaers ### This is a small lounge area in which we can only forget the city bustle. Here, we live almost in the middle of the garden, to the delight of the owners.

Open living room

Ikéa ### Quietude is the watchword of this fair. Nestled in a huge veranda with high ceilings, you live in it as you would live in the great outdoors. The luxury of comfort and well-being.


Reynaers ### Having one foot in the garden was not enough for this extra large veranda. Planted within it, a mini garden transforms it into an unusual haven of peace, pure happiness.