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30 DIY hammocks

30 DIY hammocks

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To extend the holidays, nothing like a hammock in which to settle down to read a book or simply to take a nap. The must ? Make it yourself. Yes, take a look at our selection of 30 DIY hammocks to get started this weekend.

A hanging bench

Sarah M. Dorsey Designs To make this pretty bench suspended totally in tune with the times, you will need rope, a nice wooden board, a little elbow grease and a lot of concentration. Thus customized, your wooden board will inevitably cause a sensation! Source: The home depot blog

A hammock for cats

Bubbles and booties Is your cat tree imposing and unattractive? How about swapping it against this very discreet hammock-shaped model. To make it happen, bring three balls of wool, a few wooden logs… it's up to you! Source: Bubbles and booties

A black hammock

Designer trapped Better than the traditional chair, this creation designed using a black fabric, rope and a wooden rod will bring a cozy touch to your bedroom. Where how to give a creative and original dimension to your room, at a lower cost! Source: Designer trapped

A floral hammock

Sew like my mom Want a trendy seat combining charm and nature? Look no further and opt without delay for this pretty hammock made with rope and a flowery fabric. Fall tones, graphic pattern and warm softness… it didn't take more for this hanging seat to make us fall in love. Source: Sew like my mom

Summer version

So you think you're crafty We already liked it a lot in its fall version, we like it just as much, if not more, in this summer version! Equipped with a comfortable cushion, it promises us endless moments of relaxation. Source: So you think you're crafty

A bohemian hammock

Classy clutter To bring a warm and bohemian touch to your bedroom, nothing like a suspended seat in macrame (weaving technique made from knots). Again very trendy, this process can be used with rope and a hoop so as to make an original seat. Source: Classy clutter

A hammock chair to relax

Filosofyfree On the same principle, you can also orient yourself towards this hanging chair, designed mainly using fabric. A solution that will be favored by the impatient and those with little skill with their hands. Source: Filosofyfree

A reclaimed hammock

The merry thought Stop! Do not throw away your old wooden pallets! They could be of great use to you if you decide to make this hammock. An idea that will surely appeal to those who like to recycle everyday objects. Source: The merry thought

An ecological seat

Brittany Gardner For an exterior at the top of the trend and at a lower cost, you can otherwise opt for this beautiful reclaimed seat. Get wooden pallets and get started straight away in a very creative DIY session! Source: Pallet furniture diy

A multicolored hammock

See girls blog With its pretty multicolored print and graphic allure, this hammock takes on the style of our gardens and terraces. Want to reproduce it at home? Direction the blog See girls blog. Source: See girls blog

A hammock on feet

Here comes the sun blog Do you dream of lazing around in summer, of resting in peace in your garden? If you do not have a fixing point to hang your hammock you can always opt for this superb handmade model, mounted on legs. See rather! Source: Here comes the sun blog

A hammock with integrated pergola

Dfohome Another alternative, this hammock provided with a pergola which will offer you a corner of shade and freshness in case of great heat. Source: Dfohome

A trampoline transformed into a comfortable hammock

Tiny house on the prairie Who could have imagined that with a garden trampoline, rope and metal hooks it was possible to make this hammock combining comfort and practicality. Perfect for decompressing on sunny days! Source: Tiny house on the prairie

A hammock for barbies

Liberty jane patterns Mignonnerie power 1000 for this small handcrafted hammock intended to welcome the barbies of our little girls. A little wonder made using a piece of fabric, toothpick sticks and which will ideally complement their range. Source: Liberty jane patterns

A miniature hammock for soap

Folly cove fiber freaks Ok, ok this is not a hammock per se! But at the editorial office, we literally fell in love with this wool soap dish inspired by the design of the traditional hammock. Smart! Source: Folly cove fiber freaks

An improvised hammock

Joyfulabode Fixed to a table, a simple fabric can transform into an improvised hammock for our children's room. No doubt your toddler will have fun! Source: Joyfulabode

A rocking hammock

RyanW9 Swinging and resting at the same time is possible thanks to this XXL hammock. Be careful, if you decide to start making it, know that good notions of DIY are necessary. Source: Instructables

A baby hammock

Bliss cocotte Dapper colors and a quilted cushion… the editorial staff could not do enough to fall for this pretty hammock for babies. Want to reproduce it at home: direction the nice blog of Maëva, Bliss cocotte. Source: Bliss cocotte

A hammock for camping

Lars loves peace A large piece of nylon fabric, rope and a sewing machine will be necessary if you decide to start making this outdoor hammock. Source: Instructables

Eyelets to pass the rope

Martha Stewart To be able to hold your hammock with heavy rope, add 9 eyelets on either side of the piece of fabric. Easy as pie ! Source: Martha Stewart

A graphic hammock

Rachel Denbow Ideal in the middle of the living room or in the children's room, this hammock chair has it all with its pretty graphic fabric. You just have to find the same one (or a similar one) and follow the steps of Rachel Denbow. Source: A Beautiful Mess

A dynamic hammock

Kate Pruitt A large piece of fabric, a pair of scissors, brooches, leather strapping, muslin and rope will be necessary to make this hammock for the whole family at home. Source: Design Sponge

Macramé hammock

Angie Diersman A real comeback for the macramé, which invites itself in a pretty blue version to form a dynamic hammock for the garden. To your reels! Source: eHow

A marine style hammock

Miss Lovie Creations Are you in love with this hammock with a sea spirit? Start by getting thick fabric, a strap and two climbing carabiners. That's all ! Source: Miss Lovie Creations

A simple and decorative hammock

Claire Zinnecker A real favorite of the editorial staff for this simple but nevertheless very decorative hammock. If you want the same at home, go to the tutorial offered by Claire Zinnecker. Source: Camille Styles

A large hammock

Little Dog Vintage For relaxing for two, this large hammock with navy blue canvas will be perfect. All that's left is to make it! Source: Little Dog Vintage

A hammock to contemplate the garden

The Merry Thought Sheltered by the roof of this covered terrace, this hammock becomes a strategic point where to settle down to contemplate the garden and indulge in some ramblings. Thanks to Caitlin's very detailed steps, you can't go wrong! Source: The Merry Thought

A rope hammock

Design Milk Thanks to a very precise knot system, this rope hammock was able to take shape. Ready to get started? Source: Design Milk

A hammock to meet

OutsideMom With this hammock, simplicity is essential, and that's what we like! Parents and children alike will be able to get down to it and, above all, find it once the task is finished. Source: OutsideMom