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Charming kitchens, panorama

Charming kitchens, panorama

Since the charming decor is installed in the kitchen, cooking has a taste of well-being! Discover our selection of decors having also made this choice. On the menu, an atmosphere full of tranquility tinged with romantic touches.

Natural charm

Ikéa ### Separating the kitchen from the adjoining rooms, pots of green plants arranged on wall shelves make up a splendid plant table allowing the light to filter through. A real romantic and natural setting complemented by a white / wood bias throughout the decor, but also by a decorative heart hung on the wall. The tone is set.

Powdery charm

Ikéa ### We melt for this kitchen, small but crisp. His secret? A soft, feminine and powdery atmosphere, established, both by the pinkish white color code and by the choice of a delicately flowery splashback.

Butterfly charm

Fly ### The butterfly effect holds the magic formula of this charming kitchen. Because if the light wooden furniture accompanied by a green wall together create a soft and soothing atmosphere, the enchantment is caused by a flight of butterflies on the wallpaper…

Modern charm

Fly ### Halfway between charming decor and modern decor, this kitchen has found the happy medium by betting on a pristine wenge / white color code. As for his weakness for flowers, macaroons and retro chic appliances, it makes it his "little extra" very feminine.

Retro charm

Fly ### Operating like a time machine, this kitchen captivates us with its wallpaper garnished with dandelions and its light gray furniture. A daring association which reveals all the charm of yesteryear.

Feminine charm

Aviva ### A fine example of a cuisine that has played on its femininity! The idea? Do not hesitate either to dress in purple, or to surround yourself with bouquets of flowers ...

Country chic charm

Ikéa ### This charming cuisine drew its inspiration from large family country houses. Its secret: shell handles on the furniture, two splashback bars displaying pots and pans for everyone to see and an off-white color code creating an infinitely soft and soothing atmosphere.

Vintage charm

Ikéa ### The beauty of this kitchen comes from its vintage look, between a set of indigo blue tiles energizing the wall and mismatched dishes exposed to everyone's eyes.