Architect's advice: develop a kitchen in less than 5 m2

Architect's advice: develop a kitchen in less than 5 m2

Do you dream of a real kitchen, beautiful and functional, but the space you have to arrange it is very limited? Do not panic. Today kitchen designers offer ingenious and comfortable solutions that adapt to all surfaces, even the smallest! There are many tips that improve and facilitate the use of a small kitchen: lacquered or glass furniture facades that return light, energizing colors and materials, good lighting to reduce the feeling of narrowness, and well sure, an adequate arrangement.

Arrange a kitchen in less than 5 m2: a double I kitchen

Angélique BLANC For this double I kitchen of 2.40 mx 2 m, the layout focuses on the brightness to be preserved. The entire height of the walls is exploited by tall furniture. For less bulky use and an impression that the walls have moved back, the doors of the high boxes are chosen to be lifted and glazed. The credenza is also made of glass, and backlit to increase the feeling of space. Credenza bars can be installed there. It will clutter the worktops and remove the clutter that visually reduces space. Finally, above the oven, a microwave oven is installed, equipped with an extractor hood, itself equipped with spotlights, which will allow targeted lighting on the hobs. All the essential elements are present in this mini-kitchen with great airs, including the dishwasher, chosen of small width.

Develop a kitchen in less than 5 m2: an optimized space

Angélique BLANC In this 2.60 mx 1.90 m kitchen, the space is fully optimized: furniture and appliances are specially designed for small spaces. The cooking, washing and storage areas are grouped together in an all-in-one unit: the kitchenette, a compact and functional solution. Attached to the kitchenette, a piece of furniture receives the microwave. It is made up of sliding drawers for easy access storage, the contents of which can be identified at a glance. Side meal, a retractable table (resembling a simple drawer, it is enough to pull it to install the corner meal) is flanked by two pieces of furniture of arrangements equipped with low drawers on casters. These drawers replace the plinths and offer additional storage. Finally, to increase the feeling of space, the floor and the furniture are the same color, and no tall element is present.

Arrange a kitchen in less than 5 m2: a kitchen open to the living room

Angélique BLANC In this 2.80 m x 1.70 m kitchen space open to the living room, minimalism and dynamism mingle. The equipment necessary for cooking and washing is gathered in an ingenious and aesthetic cupboard kitchen, fitted with cupboards integrated into the doors. Once the doors are closed, the kitchen remains unsuspected, and only the dining area remains visible, a simple snack table lacquered in white color and two transparent high seats. Finally, so as not to lose a single centimeter, a storage island on wheels slides under the snack plan, offering a nomadic work plan and additional storage.