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Architect's advice: create a discreet bedroom space in the living room

Architect's advice: create a discreet bedroom space in the living room

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More and more expensive rents, more and more small areas, families who are recomposing, the arrival of a baby or a second child ... here are many reasons requiring to create an additional room in their accommodation. But when it is impossible to fit out a real bedroom, let the imagination take over, with the D system to conceal a comfortable and discreet sleeping area in the living room, without having to resort to the simple curtain or sofa bed.

Create a discreet bedroom area in the living room: sleeping on the mezzanine

Angélique BLANC In this old apartment of 7 mx 4.85 m with a good height under ceiling, the sleeping space created is installed discreetly in height. The existing office area has been removed, giving way to a storage space for clothes and bed linen, and above, a mezzanine is installed to accommodate sleeping under the ceiling. Installing this mezzanine has the advantage of not having to rethink the existing layout of the kitchen and living room, without cluttering the floor space; it offers a ventilated sleeping area and out of sight.

Create a discreet bedroom space in the living room: a workshop-style partition

Angélique BLANC In this very open living space with a total area of ​​32.26 m2, we focus on transparency to isolate the areas without enclosing the space. The length of the room (7.60 m) allows the arrangement of a sleeping area bathed in light. The bed is located near a window and is separated from the living room by a half-partition, full at the bottom and glazed at the top. The glazing is lightly tinted for more discretion and privacy. The width of the partition stops at the level of the bed, and access to the bedroom is through an open passage and not a door that would unnecessarily clutter the living room. On the aesthetic side, this light and easy-to-install partition gives a contemporary feel to this contemporary habitat.

Create a discreet bedroom area in the living room: a removable library partition

Angélique BLANC In this rectangular space of 7.20 mx 3.95 m, the old kitchen has been moved to the living room to create a very discreet additional bedroom with a window. This room is hidden behind a removable library partition occupying only 1 m2 on the floor. Easy to dismantle and reassemble without damaging the walls or the ceiling, this removable partition is an ideal solution when you are not the owner of your home. It offers a very intimate and unsuspected space from the living room: indeed, when its "door" is closed, only a wall of books appears thanks to its integrated shelves.


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