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Black and white at the party on the table

Black and white at the party on the table

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Chic, timeless, sober, the combination of black and white spans the years without aging. Always at the forefront of fashion, she has not said her last word on the decor side and we prove it even on the table. Tablecloths, table runners, plates and glasses are adorned with these two neutral tones from every angle. Here are 10 inspirations to adopt it.

Simple dishes

Delamaison Elegant and timeless, the peas and the Vichy motif have no trouble finding their place on a table decor. And in black and white, they bring a delicate and refined note to a table full of authenticity.

Chic and refined

Delamaison Don't be afraid to dare a black tablecloth on the dining room table. Ultra chic, it is embellished with attractive designer and white tableware.

Green peas

Delamaison In a more traditional style, you can also adopt a black tablecloth with white dots. And to purify everything and give the decor an airy side, we advise you to bet on all white dishes.

Graphic patterns

Ferm Living To energize the table at the time of a brunch with friends or family, we place without restraint on dishes with graphic patterns in black and white. Diamonds, triangles, unstructured patterns punctuate the barely installed decor.

For the aperitif

Jardin d'Ulysse The coffee table is also adorned with black and white when you start the aperitif. We particularly like these dishes that seem to be shaped in slate and with chalk-like inscriptions. Not you ?


Textma What elegance for this table which carefully mixes black and white. Tablecloths, chair pads, plates and even glasses play the game of sober decoration. Chic is at the rendezvous!

Pencil lines

House Doctor We are literally in love with these bowls, ideal for brunch with friends under the sign of black and white. Placed on a white tablecloth and accompanied by black napkins, they create a superb decor.

Polka dots and stripes

Aux Portes de la Déco A striped soup plate, a flat plate with polka dots, the advantage with black and white is that you can mix the patterns without making a false note. And on the table, it throws you do not find?

Party decor

Party Articles And if you are one of those who like to organize themselves in advance, you can already set aside this special black and white Christmas table. We fell in love with the table runner in white flakes which perfectly awakens the dark tablecloth.


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