Ferm Living presents its new autumn-winter 2015 novelties

Ferm Living presents its new autumn-winter 2015 novelties

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For this new season, the Scandinavian brand Ferm Living offers you a selection of products with pure lines and light colors. From furniture to accessories to cushions, everything has been made with natural materials such as wood, linen, wool. The editorial team presents to you, in images, this new collection that will warm your winter.

A very modern sofa

Ferm Living Ideal in a contemporary style house! This sleek gray sofa will find its perfect place in your living room to welcome your guests in pleasant comfort. Combine it with colorful cushions for a touch of cheerfulness.

3 small marble tables

Ferm Living On a nice parquet floor, or even on a sober or colorful carpet, these 3 small marble tables will bring a personal touch to your space. These 3 colors, dark green, navy blue and gray, will go well with any type of decoration while always remaining very refined.

Need storage?

Ferm Living Get organized and put all types of accessories in these baskets. Remote controls, newspapers, firewood, blankets or toys for your children, everything goes. Their wires even allow you to use them as a coffee table to have an aperitif with friends!

Cushions covers

Ferm Living These wool cushion covers are very padded and very comfortable! Pink, blue, burgundy or black there is something for all tastes and all interiors. These 3D geometric patterns have been sewn and the zipper gives an original touch to these cushions that you can match and mix.

A large table

Ferm Living You can now welcome your whole family to enjoy festive meals! This magnificent raw wood table will find its place perfectly in a large dining room with white walls. Dress it up with our pretty round stoneware plates for a total Ferm Living look!

An indoor bench

Ferm Living In the same style as the sofa, this bench with pure lines will be very discreet in your room. Equip it with colorful pillows or plaids to give it a more cocooned and more dressed up side!

Door stoves

Ferm Living Very ingenious and very practical! This stove holder will revolutionize your organization. Hanging from the ceiling, you only have to install small hooks to hang your pots and pans.

Pretty wall shelves

Ferm Living Simply hanging on the wall, this shelf will allow you to display your trinkets or store your many books! Discreet and aesthetic, it will go just as well with light or dark paint, flashy or sober.

Nesting tables

Ferm Living This sleek design and very square shapes will go perfectly with contemporary decor. Practical and elegant, these tables fit into each other depending on what you put on them. Made of metal, these tables are relatively light, not only in their appearance, but also since you can move them from room to room and play with the many combinations!


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