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10 cuddly toys for little ones to make yourself

10 cuddly toys for little ones to make yourself

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Transitional object allowing the child to temporarily separate from his parents and thus to build his identity, the comforter, the first companion of our toddlers, embodies security and is, most often, essential from birth. To help you make your choice, the editorial staff has selected for you the 10 most beautiful handmade comforters found on the canvas. Discovery in pictures!

Cat comforter

Professor Pincushion Rather cat? We challenge you to make this adorable comforter made, for the most part, using pairs of socks. An original and rather nice idea to divert and give a second life to our everyday accessories. More info on this DIY: Little red window

Octopus comforter

Purl SOHO At the editor, we literally fell in love with this immaculate comforter in the shape of an octopus. Admittedly, this is not the easiest tutorial, but the result is simply adorable. If you decide to take the plunge, you will need beige and gray wool, knitting needles n ° 6 and double-pointed, padding ... and above all, a lot of time in front of you. More info on this DIY: Purl SOHO

Soft toy doll

Katie Shelton Looking for an original and unique comforter that recalls the comforters that our grandmothers once had? We have found for you this pretty doll made using a downloadable pattern, muslin, cotton fabric and essential accessories for sewing. We challenge you to make it happen! More info on this DIY: A Beautiful Mess

Rabbit comforter

Knitterbees Amateur knitting or sewing, this DIY is for you! Needles, balls of wool of different colors and a good dose of patience will be necessary to make this original and personal creation. A pretty cuddly toy that will certainly have a little effect with your little one! More info on this DIY: Knitterbees

Elephant comforter

Craftiness is not optional You don't know what to do with your scrap tissue? No need to throw them away! Recycle them instead and make this nice comforter. The idea: combine different fabrics for a patchwork effect! More info on this DIY: Craftiness is not optional

Fox comforter

Look what I Made With orange, white and black fabric, padding and a sewing machine, this is a fox comforter that will accompany your little one on all his travels. More info on this DIY: Look what I Made

Squirrel comforter

Wild Olive Download the pattern, cut out the different pieces on your colored fleeces, assemble them using embroidery thread and needle and you will get this pretty plush in no time. Easy and quick to make, it has it all! More info on this DIY: Wild Olive

Otter comforter

LDP Recover 'and original, we love this cuddly toy made using a pair of socks, pieces of felt and velcro. If you decide to get started, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the LDP blog which explains in detail the different steps to make it. More info on this DIY: LDP

Graphic rabbit comforter

Alice & Lois Couture has no secrets for you, so this DIY is for you! Just cut out lots of pieces of fabric of different shapes and sizes, and then stitch them together using your sewing machine. A black pen to make the eyes and nose, and that's the job! More info on this DIY: Alice & Lois