Wall coverings inspired by our children's games

Wall coverings inspired by our children's games

They are called Rubik's Cube, puzzle, domino, beads or labyrinth and are part of the V.I.P list of games that marked our childhood. Here they resurface, in the form, who would have believed it, of decorative wall coverings. Everything to please us and sow fantasy inside…

Rubik's Cube

Castorama ### The Rubik's Cube is no longer just a puzzle game. Infinitely multiplied on the wallpaper, it gives a 3D effect to the walls on a technicolor background. We love.


Tracy Kendall ### Our hours spent assembling all the pieces of a puzzle inspired a surprising wallpaper to say the least. And for good reason, he scattered on an entire wall, hundreds of pieces, as if to remind us of our best performances in terms of XXL puzzles. A funny graphic hodgepodge.


Castorama ### Young and old crossword puzzles should fall for this wall decoration. A nice nod to the word games to put in boxes ...


Tracy Kendall ### The little girl of our childhood discovered a passion for pearls, between the manual creation of necklaces, bracelets or rings. Just for her, here is a beaded wallpaper with shiny mini buttons. So girly!


Serendipity ### What could be more original than a coloring break… on the walls? Something to fall back into childhood!


Homology ### Bingo! The puzzle is still a sensation on the wallpaper, revisited this time in a built version, all with oversized solid pieces.

Chalk drawings

Maison Décorative ### Nice tribute to the game of "I become the school teacher" with this wall coated with a special slate paint on which children love to scribble, draw and write as if they were in class!


Tracy Kendall ### On the game and leisure notebooks, it is impossible to ignore the game of the labyrinth! On the walls, the difference is that it encourages admiration rather than reflection.