Funny libraries!

Funny libraries!

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They only asked to be read, now they only want to be seen. And so much the better! Because exposed on stylized and original libraries, books become real decorative accessories. Small parade of inspiration.


Fly ### Thanks to its "crazy" shape, this library brings a joyful dynamic to the living room. A little humor in this world of books!


Ikéa ### Thanks to column shelves, we have a vertical library! Conversely, it is the books that are arranged horizontally. Hyper connected!


Fly ### This duo of light wooden bookcases amazes us with its unstructured look with strongly impacting graphics. Especially since here, the books are happily mixed with trinkets, vases and decorative letters.


Goal ### Chic, the headboard becomes a bookcase! It remains to nestle a hodgepodge of books to refine his relaxed style.


Ikea ### It is up to the ceiling that the books in this room make their nest. If they do not feel dizzy, we can recognize that we are crazy about this unusual idea.


Ikea ### Disorder can become a style in its own right provided that it is a minimum mastered. This is the case with this library filled to the brim, which seems to embody the "book devourer" attitude.


Castorama ### It is in the direction of the length, at the height of the bed, that this library unveils its favorite books. Minimalism in the spotlight.


Goal ### Perfectly tidied up, this large bookcase with boxes is playful, refined and square. For those who like organization!


Ikéa ### Hanging on the wall, this funky geometric and architectural bookcase caused a sensation. So even if the books being stored there too, we are amazed!