Trendy pendant lights for children's rooms

Trendy pendant lights for children's rooms

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In children's rooms, it is through highly stylized pendant lights that artificial light is reborn. Poetic, wacky and full of imagination, our selection gives a new dimension to the lighting of the child's room. To discover here!


Fly ### Adorned with stars, this white and sky-blue pendant light provides our children with dreamy lighting…


Fly ### Flashy pink and apple green, this is a cheerful and dapper color code for our children. Result: we say yes to these tart suspensions enveloping the ceiling of their bedroom with fantasy.


Leroy Merlin ### Nice nod to hot air balloons with this white model whose shape speaks for itself. Most ? Its very decorative red cord falling to the ground so that children can put it out with their hands.


Pa Design ### So much creativity for this cloudy pendant light that comes to illuminate the children's room with a lot of poetry. For all those who have their heads in the clouds!


Fly ### Colorful peas have taken possession of the ceiling! Thanks to this paper hanging lamp, fantasy has taken over the bedroom…


Goal ### Pretty linen pendant lights: everything to please our toddlers!


Vertbaudet ### Savannah party in the room with this hanging lamp representing a series of giraffes, elephants and decorative rhinos.

Blue sky

Ikea ### A little piece of bright blue sky, suspended from the ceiling, that was what was missing in this room full of dreams and sweetness.

Japanese style

AM.PM ### In the world of children, two Japanese balls mixing the patterns of birds and fish, peas and stripes, smoothly interfered…


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