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Country decor: farm animals set the tone!

Country decor: farm animals set the tone!

When the outside cold reigns, nothing like turning to a traditional decor, warm and comforting. And it is at the farm that we are going to get it! A little peasant note devoted to animals being bred there, here is a nice dedicated shopping.

Sheep pair

AM.PM ### How to resist this doubling of decorative sheep warmly wrapped, not of wool, but of cotton loops? In any case, he is awarded the price of the country-style cocooning style.

Farm breeding

AM.PM ### Roosters, sheep, rabbits: several farm animals rub shoulders on these unusual candle holders imbued with a retro style.

My donkey, my donkey

Geneviève Lethu ### In the hollow of the plate, the design of a donkey tinged with navy blue complements a table decoration in a chic country style.

Graphically rural

Chef'n ### At the table, the salt shakers took the form of adorable rabbits with curiously graphic curves. Young and old, white and black, they daringly combine countryside inspiration and contemporary style.

Pretty hens

Mahatsara ### White, red or black, these knitted hens based on metallic threads lay a touch of semi natural, semi arty originality in the house.

Book separator

Pa Design ### Quirky look for this pig-shaped book divider cut in half: the head and the two front legs on one side, the corkscrew tail and the hind legs on the other. Or when the world of the farm provokes humor…

Rabbit - drawing

AM.PM ### Bunny jump on the cushion! A poetic interpretation of the world of the farm for which we are in love.

Decorative objects

AM.PM ### True decorative sculptures, this pig and this cow in immaculate white fashion are proudly displayed in the kitchen to sow a touch of authenticity.

Natural Sciences

Chehoma ### Small educational panel on the different species of rabbits. A pictorial natural science lesson to hang on the wall for a country-style "cabinet of curiosity" effect!