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Ethnic bed linen: our Best Of

Ethnic bed linen: our Best Of

By definition, the ethnic style puts color in the house and invites you to travel through its patterns, textures and shimmering colors. To energize a bedroom and fill it with sunny memories, opt for ethnically inspired bed linen! Here are our favorite models to vitiate the room and take you away from the greyness.

Irresistible two-tone patterns

Comptoir des Toiles / Delamaison Fresh and contemporary, this household linen fits in a graphic room or in a contemporary room. It has the advantage of being able to find its place whatever the color of the walls or the floor.

Small geometric shapes

Essix Ethnic influence also plays on geometry. Zig zag, circles, diamonds, squares… Shapes and colors play hide and seek in bed linen. What energize a monochrome bedroom in the blink of an eye!

A feminine and colorful set

Zara Home What could be better than beautiful sheets for a good night's sleep? Zara Home offers a wide variety of bed linen, including a range inspired by Indian motifs and ethnic trends. Its flowery and finely drawn patterns are perfect for a feminine bedroom.

A Native American-inspired bedroom

La Redoute Interiors In this room, the bed undeniably warms the space with its shimmering tones and rich materials. Add a carpet and wooden furniture for an even more cozy bedroom in which one has only one desire: to hide under the duvet!

Vitamin colors

Kas On a bench outside or in a bedroom, this flamboyant bed linen sets the tone. The colorful cushions in turn bring volume to the bedding to keep you warm on winter evenings and brighten up the room once summer is over.

A mix of colors

Spoiler The ethnic style of these sheets and pillows decorates the wooden headboard and gives a more cozy feel to the room. In this master bedroom, warm and cold tones are juxtaposed to create a cocoon conducive to sleep.

An African influence

AMPM This type of fabric refers to the textiles found in Africa. The framed objects and paintings hanging on the walls echo this culture and invite us to travel (again) for a dream.

Timeless bed linen

Today / Delamaison More trendy than ever, the ethnic style can be played minimalist with patterns in black and white. In this case, it goes through the years without going out of fashion. A good compromise if you want to fall for a new bed set without regretting it!

Unique friezes and patterns

Blanche Porte This model signed Blanche Porte mixes several colors, but especially friezes and different patterns which give relief to the room. The advantage? It will find its place in a parental bedroom as well as in a teenage bedroom.