A male apartment in the Paris region

A male apartment in the Paris region

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A completely blank canvas, an all-white, poorly organized apartment. This is what the interior designer Elodie Sagot had to work with to arrive at this very beautiful apartment with industrial, vintage and ultra-masculine decoration. Visit.

It's all in the details

Elodie Sagot Good decoration is not recognizable by quantity but by quality. This pouf in red leather and the chest of drawers in brushed concrete, both very masculine, are proof of this. * Source: Elodie Sagot *

Industrial details for the entrance

Elodie Sagot In this image, we can better see the attention given to the details of the entrance. It has large storage cupboards adorned with pretty brass handles for a vintage industrial effect. A beautiful painting hangs on the wall. * Source: Elodie Sagot *

American cuisine

Elodie Sagot Separated from the living room by a simple section of red brick wall for a vintage effect, the kitchen in black lacquer and glass has a small bar. Ideal for an aperitif. * Source: Elodie Sagot *

Industrial spots

Elodie Sagot For the lighting, the interior designer opted for very beautiful black steel spotlights with golden details. Little more: the mint green walls of the kitchen furniture which delimit the spaces well. * Source: Elodie Sagot *

The office area

Elodie Sagot The office area of ​​the apartment is delimited by black wallpaper with silver prints, a nice masculine touch. For storage, rectangular shelves were simply fixed in height. Small decorative touch very British, the statuette of the Queen of England. * Source: Elodie Sagot *


Elodie Sagot Painted in a deep carbon gray, the bedroom is enhanced by a strip of colored wallpaper with geometric patterns which acts as the headboard. * Source: Elodie Sagot *

The room in detail

Elodie Sagot In addition to the headboard in geometric wallpaper, Elodie Sagot thought of the smallest detail to decorate the room in a harmonious way. The vintage alarm clock and large, colorful canvas add charm to the room. * Source: Elodie Sagot *

A vintage, industrial and masculine bathroom

Elodie Sagot The bathroom is decorated in the image of the rest of the apartment and painted in a deep duck blue, very masculine. * Source: Elodie Sagot *

Vintage details

Elodie Sagot Both the triangular brass mirror fixed on a beautiful brick wall and the badger bring beautiful vintage touches to the bathroom. * Source: Elodie Sagot *


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