Gifi launches GIFIBOX

Gifi launches GIFIBOX

GIFI makes us discover its brand new GIFIBOX. Three ready-to-offer gift boxes that contain cooking utensils and booklets filled with original recipes. To find out everything, we are received at Mademoiselle M in the Marais in Paris. On the program: cooking workshop to make delicious cheesecakes then presentation of GIFI boxes and kitchen utensils. Follow the guide !

A real chefs workshop

Amélie Cochet Mademoiselle M welcomes us into her kitchens. On the program, the making of cheesecakes with fromage blanc with speculos base. Appetizing. * For more information: www.gif ">

Step by step

Amélie Cochet Step by step, the Chef explains how to make a cheesecake worthy of the name. We started by making the device, a mixture of fromage blanc, crème fraîche, sugar, egg flour, vanilla extract and orange zest. * For more information: www.gif ">

Ready to put in the oven!

Amélie Cochet After having coated the bottom of our circles with a mixture of crushed speculos and butter, we poured the cheesecake machine. The delicious cakes bake in the oven at low temperature for one hour. * For more information: www.gif ">

The tasting

Amélie Cochet The chef offers two kinds of cheesecakes made using GIFIBOX utensils. This follows an American recipe and therefore consists of cream cheese. Delicious ! * For more information: www.gif ">

European cheesecake

Amélie Cochet Did you know? Contrary to popular belief, the cheesecake has its origins in ancient Rome. It was made from cottage cheese. * For more information: www.gif ">

GIFI offers a wide range of kitchen and box utensils

Amélie Cochet ## A wide range of kitchen utensils and GIFI boxes, in addition to the furnishing articles for which the brand is familiar, is now developing its culinary range. Spatulas, molds and utensils of all kinds are waiting for you. * For more information: www.gif ">

Decorate your cakes

Amélie Cochet A birthday cake is not one if it is not properly decorated. With the GIFIBOX Party Cakes, you will have all the necessary equipment. * GIFIBOX Holiday cakes, € 12 at GIFI *

GIFIBOX Eclairs and Cabbage

Amélie Cochet Want to make delicious eclairs? The GIFIBOX Éclairs et choux provides you with all the equipment you need. * GIFIBOX Éclairs et choux, € 15 at GIFI *

Personalized shortbread

Amélie Cochet Are you tired of making shortbread cookies because of their overly simplistic aspect? With the GIFIBOX Sablés molds and stamps, you can customize them endlessly. * GIFIBOX Shortbread, € 12 at GIFI *