Kitchen plates reinvent the decoration of walls!

Kitchen plates reinvent the decoration of walls!

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What if the plates left the kitchen cupboards to appropriate the walls? This is the bet brilliantly taken up by the following productions, whose roundly chic and creative style is ideal for giving new life to vertical decor.

Autumn palette

No Without Reason ### Classified in order of magnitude, this very tidy wall composition and deploying pretty fall colors, proves to us that the plates, even classic and plain, have a great decorative potential.

Toile de Jouy

Ikéa ### To intensify a charming decor, we pick up plates adorned with patterns like "toile de Jouy" before fixing them on the wall, like works of art. A bold and poetic composition, all at a lower cost.

Harlequin look

Fly ### On a vitamin background, a "button" plate and other accessories, cup, glasses, clock, decorative frame, twist the wall decoration. Creating the impression of hanging by a thread, or rather a masking tape, this madness of objects, mostly taken out of kitchen cupboards, is causing a stir. Crazy, whimsical and intensely dapper, we love the idea!

Totally mismatched

Ikéa ### Climbing the walls with the air of nothing, plates, small, medium or large, white or colored, adorned or not with patterns, sow a touch of fantasy in the decor. An idea recovered with advanced graphics.

Funny shelves!

Fly ### Okay, we cheated. These wall curves are actually shelves. However, they planted with us, an idea: that of exposing deep enveloping plates on the walls to use as a support for a decorative object.

Retro chic

AM.PM ### Grouped by 4, these 50s style porcelain plates create a surprise on the wall. Simple but so chic!

Urban plan

No Without Reason ### The idea: group the same range of original plates, then propel them to the front of the stage, the wall. Here, this collection represents, once assembled, the plan of a city. Archi unusual!

Optical illusion

The Collection ### The beauty of the plates of yesteryear inspired a wallpaper in blue and white. Here, the vast collection of tableware creates excess, and an exquisite blend of graphic and retro styles.

Reverse Dalmatians

Ikéa ### In terms of decorative plates intended for the show on the walls, we can always count on new collections like this inverted Dalmatian assortment, white spots on a black background.