20 irresistible little kitchens

20 irresistible little kitchens

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Who says small kitchen does not necessarily say sad kitchen. The proof with our selection of 20 irresistible kitchens which should give you some pretty decoration ideas. Enjoy!

A bright little kitchen

Style Files This pretty kitchen entirely tiled in white makes you want to put yourself in the kitchen. Note the vintage and contemporary touch at the same time with the Smeg refrigerator in a pretty water green color. * Source: Style Files *

All dressed in wood

IKEA For a kitchen with a natural look, opt for light wooden furniture, these come from Ikea. * Source: Ikea *

The kitchen area

The Savannah Cabinet Shop In a studio below a mezzanine, it is clever to install a nice corner kitchen like this. * Source: The Savannah Cabinet *

Color in the kitchen

Pics Lovin A fairly simple kitchen at the base, completely transformed by a nice table, an upholstery and colorful tiles. For a vitamin breakfast. * Source: Pics Lovin *

Optimized space

Ellen's Album Separated from the living room by a pretty black bar, this kitchen, despite its small size, offers everything you need. Original, the refrigerator is as recessed in a shelf, which allows to have a storage space above. * Source: Ellen's Album *

Combine modern with rustic

Colin Prix Photographie In this apartment in San Francisco, the kitchen is designed to reflect the rest of the house. The perfect balance between modern and rustic with beautiful white wooden furniture and an old-fashioned kitchen piano. * Source: The Every Girl *

A classic look in your kitchen

Decor demon If you want to decorate your kitchen in a way that will travel smoothly in time, opt like here for a very classic design with white wooden furniture and a nice varnished wood worktop. * Source: Decor Demon *

Workshop airs

Fantastic Frank With its thick glass paned windows, this modern kitchen has the air of an artist's studio. Let your imagination run wild to prepare delicious dishes. * Source: Fantastic Frank *

Contemporary cuisine

Planète Déco As in this apartment, small kitchens sometimes have no direct access to light. Thanks to its white wrought iron canopy, it is very bright. Source: Planète Déco

A concrete decoration

Planete Déco This kitchen, located in a beautiful apartment in Marbella, offers an original decoration with its gray brushed concrete walls, enhanced by colorful pictures and a fridge with vintage accents. * Source: Planete Déco *

A charming little kitchen

The Kitchn In this very charming Parisian apartment, a kitchen with vintage accents. White furniture, attractive parquet floors and the round fridge from Smeg. * Source: The Kitchn *

Original and vintage

Designer show house As with this kitchen, it is always possible to use the alcove which housed an old wood stove to house an old-fashioned kitchen piano. A real journey back in time. * Source: Designer Show House *

A mix and match kitchen

Jessie Webster Think of cooking as a reflection of your personality! No need for large spaces, the main thing is to let your imagination speak! Play on the accessories and mix the colors. Utensils hanging on the wall, vintage cooking equipment ... everything gives a pop and colorful decor that puts you in a good mood to cook. Source: The littler guide

Design pendant lights

Active Bridget The decorative touch to dress up a small kitchen? A design pendant in bright color. Green contrasts with gray and goes perfectly with the room. Source: Home & Garden

The kitchen that fits in a cabinet

Culshaw Bell When you don't have a lot of space at home, you want to prevent the kitchen from appearing to be in the middle. You just have to hide it in a beautiful wardrobe. * Source: Dcoracao *

A blue splashback kitchen

Decoholic Why not dare a beautiful blue color in the kitchen? In credenza for a mosaic or cement tile effect, the result will be design and original. Source: Decoholic

Brighten up your kitchen with wallpaper

Apartment Therapy Sometimes small kitchens look a little sad. To avoid looking gray, apply a pretty floral wallpaper on a wall panel. * Source: Apartment Therapy *

Tableware in the kitchen

Hit studio A revamped kitchen with incredible transformation! The alternation of white and wood gives chic and elegance to the room. The decor touch: the blue and white striped carpet. Note the dishes used as a decorative object. Tableware has never been more important. Source: A cup of Jo

Decorative accessories for the kitchen

Sort of pink Small spaces do not neglect decorative accessories. Use pretty jars or graphic plates to decorate your white kitchen. Source: Sort of pink