10 ideas to make the teen bedroom warmer

10 ideas to make the teen bedroom warmer

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When the temperatures drop, the teenage bedroom also gets a bit of heat. Some ideas can help you bring a warmer style to the youth room. Demonstration.

Enveloping colors

Leroy Merlin In the same way, you can opt for a color that will surround the room by installing on the walls but also on the floor. However, opt for a wall of a different color to give the room a breath.

Thick curtains

Castorama To warm up the teenage bedroom, think about dressing the windows. For this, we choose thick, opaque curtains that will protect both from the cold and from light. You can opt for a darker tone than that of the bedroom to highlight the windows.

A bed in a cocoon

Castorama To give a feeling of intimacy and warmth, you can place the bed in a cocoon. If the room has a recess, do not hesitate to place the bed in it so that your teen feels wrapped once in bed.

A warm headboard

Maisons du monde To make the bed comfortable and warm, we put on a headboard that takes up the back of an armchair. The result is original and brings a feeling of warmth to the whole room.

A cocoon chair

Maisons du monde What if you installed an egg-shaped armchair in your teenager's room so that he could take refuge there as in a cocoon? This original armchair will add style and warmth to your bedroom.

A soft carpet

Leroy Merlin To dress the bedroom floor, consider adding a carpet that uses the color codes of the entire decor. For more comfort, choose a shaggy carpet that will be very soft and pleasant to the touch.

A cocoon bed

La Redoute For a warm atmosphere in your teenager's bedroom, bet on a bed that will envelop it. You can opt for a model with shelves and which will give a bench look to your teenager's bed.

Wood on the walls

La Redoute As for the wall covering, you can bet on a wood effect to bring the warm side of a chalet to the decor. For a more contemporary style that will appeal to teens, prefer a wood effect in a bleached color.

Teen bedroom bed linen

La Redoute