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Plates create table decor

Plates create table decor

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In tableware, dishes often make up the majority of the decor. So to create beautiful tables, definitely bet on beautiful plates that will give style to your decor. We have selected for you 10 beautiful plates to discover.

Curiosity cabinet plates

Not without reason The cabinet of curiosity style is a hit in the decor and now reaches the tableware with these plates which feature animal paws for an original and offbeat style on the table.

Plates in trendy colors

Ikea You may have noticed that blue is very trendy in the home. For a table to match its decor, we put on blue plates for the everyday table. Something to change from the traditional white!

Green plates

Feel and co These recyclable plates give a very ecological dimension to the table with natural colors for the edges of the plate and a very decorative neon color for the center. You will then enhance your food while respecting the environment.

Scandinavian-inspired plates

Jia Inc For a sleek and trendy table, we put on plates that are inspired by the Scandinavian spirit. In a very refined form, the plates skillfully combine white and wood for a very chic and simple rendering.

Graphic dishes

Not without reason These classic plates are completely modernized with graphic patterns that recall the pixels of our modern world. The small dots are distilled on the plate to create a contrast between black and white.

Quirky plates

Pied de Poule At Pied de Poule, we dust the traditional flower plates by applying a fuchsia pink motif in the shape of a triangle as if it were a piece of pie.

Plates with original shapes

Zygote What if we broke the codes of tableware by opting for plates with unusual shapes? Neither round nor square, these plates offer very free rounded shapes that will create a surprise on your tables.

Striped plates

Fly To energize your table, nothing like stripes! We then choose plates whose borders are completely covered with stripes in trendy colors. The center of the plate remains white to create a nice contrast.

Paint palette plates

Paragraph On this table also the plates emancipate themselves from the forms! You will then arrange your dishes as if it were a palette of paint. The table is then very modern and displays artistic notes.