In detail

Orange touches and noble materials in a Parisian apartment

Orange touches and noble materials in a Parisian apartment

Located near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, this beautiful apartment has been completely redecorated by interior designer Michèle Boni. Particular attention was paid to the materials used. Indian marble, leather, metal and ebony from Makassar combine to create a chic and modern interior.

A large living room

Michèle Boni The apartment offers beautiful volumes. The living room is large enough for a large living room to be furnished, in addition to a small dining area.

Orange touches in the lounge area

Michèle Boni In general, Michèle Boni used beautiful neutral colors to enhance the property. With these two orange leather armchairs, she adds a modern and colorful touch to the interior.

The show in detail

Michèle Boni It is obvious that nothing in this interior decoration has been left to chance. Each work of art is highlighted there, as for this table hanging on a section of wooden wall.

A very open space

Michèle Boni The living room is very airy and open to the rest of the apartment. The dining area has, for example, an opening halfway up the wall overlooking the entrance.

The living room from all angles

Michèle Boni This is the advantage of having a large living space rather than several smaller rooms: you can admire your own interior at any time.

Soft colors for the bedroom

Michèle Boni Painted in soft and clear colors, the bedroom offers a large bed topped with a beautiful taupe headboard.

Orange details

Michèle Boni In the bedroom, like everywhere else in the apartment, the soft colors used for the decoration are enhanced by pretty orange details. Every detail counts, from the small leather box installed on the bedside table to the bed linen.

Marble in the bathroom

Michèle Boni Each room in the apartment is decorated with fine materials and the bathroom is no exception. Take a closer look at this magnificent Indian marble shower.

A beautiful view

Michèle Boni From the lightly decorated terrace, you can see the Parisian Arc de Triomphe. A detail that spoils nothing. * Source: Michèle Boni *