A dream house with breathtaking views of Palombaggia beach

A dream house with breathtaking views of Palombaggia beach

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It is in the south of Corsica, in Porto-Vecchio, near one of the most beautiful beaches of the island of beauty, Palombaggia, that this exceptional house is located. Bathed in light and decorated with refinement, this is a place where life is good. Discovery.

A living room open to the outside

Simpson Travel Concrete, wood and metal adorn the huge living space of the house. Composed of a living room, a kitchen and a dining room, this living space is open to the outside and thus bathed in light until nightfall.

A refined and natural living room

Simpson Travel Around a subtly patinated wooden coffee table, two light linen sofas stand alongside two foldable seats, ideal for modulating this reception space according to the needs and desires of the happy owners.

A first shaded terrace

Simpson Travel Between small patios and terraces, the outdoor spaces that dot the surroundings of the house give pride of place to a certain sweetness of life. What isolate at will to better meet at mealtimes.

A stainless steel kitchen

Simpson Travel Ultra contemporary, the stainless steel kitchen shines brightly and opens in style on a new terrace, serving as a summer dining room.

An industrial spirit dining room

Simpson Travel Back inside. In the dining room, there is room for sharing, combined with careful decoration between wood on the wall and industrial touches: lights, chairs and glass staircase.

A bathroom like a cocoon

Simpson Travel Upstairs, the bathroom, adjoining the master bedroom, offers a cozy decoration as desired. Between shades of beige and taupe, and dim lighting, this is a place conducive to relaxation.

A bright room with a view

Simpson Travel Once in the room, let's take a few minutes to sit down and enjoy the sweetness that emanates from this room open onto a new terrace, from which a breathtaking view awaits us…

A hanging wooden terrace

Simpson Travel Aerial, the terrace accessible from the bedroom is an invitation to idleness. A great opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view of the nearby Palombaggia beach, but also the elegant swimming pool below.

A dream pool with turquoise water

Simpson Travel The last gem of this contemporary achievement marked by refinement? A designer and… heated swimming pool. Notice to the chilly!


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