Compact kitchens for small spaces

Compact kitchens for small spaces

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Because space is sometimes lacking to create a fully-fledged kitchen space, it is necessary to choose a compact kitchen that can easily be installed in your interior. Discover in pictures 20 small kitchens that are no less practical.

A nice little kitchen furniture

Kitchoo The kitchen becomes accessible to all small surfaces thanks to a compact piece of furniture which is no less aesthetic. It accommodates a sink, a hob, cupboards and a refrigerator in a minimum of space.

A full kitchenette

Kitchoo Also know that your kitchen cabinet can be decorated like a real kitchen with a tall cabinet, an extractor hood and a splashback. You will get a complete and compact kitchen that will be very functional.

Furniture as a kitchen base

Leroy Merlin You will also find compact pieces of furniture which accommodate a sink and hobs and which will serve as the basis for your kitchenette. You will slide a refrigerator into the dedicated space and you can add storage all around to complete the kitchen.

All in one kitchen

Conforama For a complete kitchen that takes up little space, we put on furniture that installs on a single section of wall. You will have the sink, plates but also storage in the same cabinet. Here you will also have a dining area which serves as a worktop.

A compact and aesthetic kitchen

Fly This all-in-one kitchen is both practical and aesthetic! Thanks to its red facades and its mirror effect oven, it boosts the space and looks like a big one. We do not forget to install tall cupboards to maximize space and define it well.

An all-in-one island

Darty In this kitchen, everything is concentrated around the very original island. It houses a removable worktop, a sink but also plenty of storage that you can adjust according to your needs. The island becomes the heart of the kitchen!

A square kitchen

Darty For a small kitchen that still has a nice work surface, we put on an L-shaped kitchen that will delimit a square. You will install an action on each side: the sink on one work surface and the cooking space on the other.

A kitchen in a recess

Darty If you have a recess in the wall, do not hesitate to integrate a small kitchen which will use the lost space. All your furniture will take place in the recess for a compact and very practical set.

An ingenious cuisine

Darty For your small kitchen, think of the tricks which save space. You can for example place your oven high and opt for very tall furniture that will cover the wall surface to the ceiling.

A kitchen that does it all

Architurn This kitchen, imagined as a large piece of furniture, is ideal when running after square meters. Once the preparation of small dishes is finished, a small table and two stools are uncovered so that you can take your meals. Finally, all you have to do is lower the upper part of the furniture when you no longer need it!

Large storage drawers

Castorama We often prefer cupboards in kitchens that lack space. However, large, well-organized drawers are also very practical. The proof !

Color contrast

Castorama No question of abandoning the decorative aspect of your small kitchen! To give it a bit of flavor, paint the alcove that will house your mini furniture in a bright salmon. Here is a little kitchen that throws!

Small wall cupboards

Leroy Merlin To make your kitchen as practical as possible, install low wall cabinets so that everything is close at hand!

A simple wardrobe?

Ai Skc Who would have thought that a kitchen was hiding in this wardrobe that one would have imagined more in a bedroom? We adopt it as soon as possible in a studio!

Favor the shelves

Leroy Merlin If you do not have the space to install tall furniture or if you want to favor the practical aspect, adopt two shelves above your kitchenette.

A wall-mounted kitchenette

Ai Pmr To save space on the floor, here is a wall-mounted kitchenette that could please the smallest apartments!

Arrange every corner

Ikea Basic rule when you have a very small kitchen: take advantage of every corner to add storage space to optimize space.

Of white !

Kitchenline In order not to add to the ambience of a small room, remember to always adopt furniture in neutral tones such as white which lets light through perfectly.

Playing with the slopes

Ikea Do you live under the roof and do not know how to best organize your small kitchen? Say goodbye to wall furniture on slopes and bet on tall storage furniture that will fit perfectly!