Design idea: an old modernized style

Design idea: an old modernized style

Sylvie wanted an "old modernized" decoration for her house. She therefore refitted her veranda into a large open kitchen and a family dining room. The rooms are personalized with trendy decorative items. Discover his charming and warm universe.

A dining room in the heart of nature

DR The veranda has become a dining room and kitchen. Very bright, we find a mixture of original materials with the woven chairs and the solid wood sideboard.

A new practical kitchen

DR Sylvie's kitchen is very functional thanks to the central island and the various storage spaces. The large old clock elegantly adorns the wall.

A very modern old room

DR For her bedroom, Sylvie wanted "an old style of today". The various decorative objects such as cushions, bedside lamps, the frame and the mirror fit perfectly into the room.

Rémy's New York room

DR Rémy wanted a room in New York colors. New York symbols can be found in the paintings, the bed linen and the lamp. The bright red and gray mixture gives an "urban" look to the whole room.

Alice's pink room

DR In this room, pink is available in all its nuances. To further personalize it, Sylvie used magnetic paint to create a tree.

Fanny's princess bedroom

DR The purple and light pink tones make this room soothing for a good night's sleep. The butterflies and the silver decor on the wall give a magical look to the room.