When tiling creates the decor of the bathroom

When tiling creates the decor of the bathroom

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In the bathroom, the decorative style also involves floor and wall coverings. And in this pond, tiling is often the most practical solution provided it is decorative! So we selected 20 tiles that show in the bathroom.

A revisited baroque tile

Dune This tile has a plant motif inspired by the Baroque style to decorate the wall with a profusion of shapes. To modernize the whole, we bet on a very trendy blue color which lends itself particularly to the pond.

Checkered tiles

Ikea To give an elegant style to the bathroom, nothing like a combination of black and white. We then adopt a checkerboard floor that enhances the whole room with a very graphic rendering.

Mosaic tiling

Boxer In the bathroom, mosaic is an ancestral technique. We appreciate these small tiles that give a worked style to the wall surfaces. Here, we chose a pink color to bring a touch of modernity to the mosaic but we kept its old side thanks to irregular tiles which bring relief to the whole.

Tiling to create stripes

Leroy Merlin To energize a bathroom, think that you can choose two colors of tiles and have fun alternating them to create stripes of a larger or smaller size.

Multicolored tiles

Leroy Merlin So that each visit to the bathroom is a real celebration, we can also opt for tiles in different colors. Here, five different colors combine to create original walls.

An original shaped tile

Leroy Merlin Between traditional tiles and mosaics, this earthenware offers small-sized tiles in a rectangular shape. It is then used in different shades of colors to create a decorative painting that will enhance the space of the shower.

Metro effect tiles

Leroy Merlin Finally, you can turn to particular tiling which creates an unexpected effect in your bathroom like this tiling which imitates metro tiles. The bathroom then takes on a very urban look.

Tiles in different colors

Leroy Merlin If you opt for stripes, do not hesitate to choose shades of colors to give an original style. In this bathroom, for example, we played with two shades of blue.

A tile and its frieze

Keraben Here we discover a tiling in shades of blue accompanied by its mosaic frieze. We love the resolutely modern XXL format and the colors that highlight the dark wood bathroom furniture. The whole, refined and elegant, is signed Keraben.

Contemporary tiles

Marengo This bathroom is worthy of a palace. Besides being incredibly spacious, it is decorated with black, white and purple tiles. Ideal for a couple or a family, this contemporary bathroom has it all.

A tile that draws the spaces

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, we love the tiling which directs us straight towards the bathtub like a large carpet. It is then up to the bathtub to have fun with the tiles to give it a unique style!

A natural tile

Keraben In this bathroom, the shades of green caught our eye. Combined with colors like beige and white, it creates a very natural atmosphere in the room.

The colored tiles

Castorama Andy Warhol would have loved this multicolored tile with many illustrations. Pop and contemporary, it will find its place in all ponds lacking in originality.

A Mediterranean spirit

Leroy Merlin Love at first sight for this tiling with Mediterranean accents. We love the successful marriage of blue and white which can be highlighted by warm colored walls like ocher for example!

Wood look tiles

Mr Bricolage Warm and elegant, this tiling brings wood into the bathroom. He offers as many colors as the material he brilliantly imitates and offers the possibility of creating spaces or enhancing them. We love !

Red tiles

Comptoir Toulousain Simplicity is essential in this bathroom where only two colors are present. Tiles have been laid in almost the entire room in different sizes and shapes for a very modern result.

Dark tiles

Leroy Merlin Chic is essential in this ultra-modern bathroom. We love the different shades of black that adorn each line of tiling as well as the effects of materials.

Green tiles

Castorama Here is a bathroom that seduces us with its simplicity, its colors and the presence of natural materials. The wooden furniture has very pure lines and the presence of stone is remarkable. We particularly like the green tiles that combine square tiles and mosaics.

A wall separated in two

Ikea Large white tiles at the bottom, beige and rectangular tiles at the top, the walls of this bathroom have been divided in half for the most refined result. The plus: the choice of tiles with discreet but no less contemporary patterns on the upper part!


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