Zen style decor in the kitchen

Zen style decor in the kitchen

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Nothing is more pleasant than simmering delicious small dishes in a calm and harmonious setting. So that cooking rhymes with pleasure, we choose a Zen decor in the kitchen. Here are 5 choice atmospheres that have everything to inspire you.

The Zen spirit halfway between authenticity and modernity

Schmidt ** Natural, wood is an ideal material when you want to create a soft atmosphere. Here, the furniture chosen in light tones and simple lines reveals all the charm of the kitchen and creates the atmosphere. The piece is authentic, contemporary and surprisingly Zen. **

Soothing blue in the kitchen

Schmidt ** We think more often of white or natural beige tones than blue to embody a restful spirit, wrongly. Indeed, blue has a calming effect, which helps to relax, with the impression of breathing better. For all those who dream of a Zen but original cuisine, bet on a very soft blue. Sky blue, celestial or crystal: serenity guaranteed! **

When greenery = zen attitude

Alinéa ** To escape from everyday urban life, we know that a little greenery is enough to feel in a serene and soothing environment. No more hesitation! Invest the space of a few plants and dare the imitation lawn on the lino version. You will see, when green fever gains ground, so does Zen. **

Light tones to bring light and serenity

Schmidt ** Back to basics. To give a zen breath to the kitchen, let's bet on a palette of bright colors going from white to beige: parquet, white chairs in woven resin, baskets for storage. The cuisine is harmonious and delicate. **