Discover the spectacle of trees in the fall

Discover the spectacle of trees in the fall

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Planting a tree at each birth: a symbol of life and longevity! Fruit tree in the vegetable garden, tree in the forest, fir or deciduous tree, decorative shrub, hedge shrub, as of species and varieties, both in size and in color of foliage. Source of shade for the animals of the fields, shelters for the birds, flowers for some and fruits for others, they give us each season, from the bud bud to the very colorful autumn leaf, a spectacle to do not miss.

Autumn colors: the chestnut tree

J-F. Mahé The chestnut tree, a loyal tree in parks and large avenues and its large webbed leaves which adorn themselves with golden hues before falling heavily and strewing the ground.

Autumn colors: the zelkova

J-F. Mahé The zelkova, curious by the delicacy of its leaves, all oriented downwards as if hung from a washing line. Its nuances are more pastel, but just as admirable.

Autumn colors: the liquidambar

J-F. Mahé The liquidambar, very leafy, like a firework of stars that goes through all the hottest colors of autumn.

Autumn colors: the tulip tree

J-F. Mahé The tulip tree, a large tree with a straight habit, covered with thick foliage which hides its flowers in spring, but is covered in pretty bright colors in autumn.

Fall colors: serviceberry

J-F. Mahé Amelanchier, rare pearl of the garden by its robustness and its lightness, covers itself in the fall with flamboyant shades.

Fall colors: American red oak

J-F. Mahé The red oak of America flares up with scarlet leaves and presents a majestic spectacle in the sun and even in gray weather.

Fall colors: weeping birch

J-F. Mahé Here is a beautiful ornamental tree, the weeping birch, dropping its weeping branches. In autumn they light up with small yellow leaves like so many stars for the walker who looks up at his antlers.

Fall colors: maple

J-F. Mahé The maple with very cut leaves, whose leaves turn from green to pink red, is noticed from afar by the intensity of its colors.

Fall colors: maple with grape leaves

J-F. Mahé The maple with grape leaves displays more intense orange-red hues. Its foliage is denser.

Fall colors: peach

J-F. Mahé Peach tree and its small thin and elongated leaves, not very dense, but rich in color.

Autumn colors: the plane tree

J-F. Mahé The plane tree, this large emblematic tree which adorns many parks, squares, roadsides, typical with its white trunk and its bark which tears apart. In autumn, it displays heavy yellow foliage with red veins.

Autumn colors: the pear tree

J-F. Mahé The pear tree has managed to keep a tuft of leaves as if to show us its rich palette of autumn colors.

Autumn colors: the ornamental pear

J-F. Mahé The ornamental varieties of pear trees also offer a spectacular spectacle in the fall, due to their shiny foliage which benefits from a beautiful red coloring.

Fall colors: the vine

J-F. Mahé The vines, freed from their bunches after the harvest, dress the hillsides with warm and harmonious hues before the vine turns into a dark skeleton once its leaves have been stripped.

Fall colors: the Virginia creeper

J-F. Mahé The Virginia creeper that clings to the old walls quickly turns pink and red in the end of summer, leaving only an interlacing of fine decorative branches.

Fall colors: cherry

J-F. Mahé The cherry tree quickly takes on yellow hues at the beginning of autumn which will turn brown when the leaves are on the ground.

Fall colors: cotoneaster

J-F. Mahé The cotoneaster, this common shrub of our hedges, takes on a palette of colors that catch the eye, as do the birds that are fond of its small berries.

Fall colors: hydrangea

J-F. Mahé The hydrangea, tired by its abundant flowering, takes, at the end of summer, relatively discreet red rose shades which fall from the first frosts.

Fall colors: beech

J-F. Mahé Beech is with oak one of the large common trees very widespread in our forests and paths. In the fall, its thousands of small leaves are covered with a yellow and brown hue which, due to its size, gives a very bright effect.

Fall colors: bramble

J-F. Mahé The bramble, so common in our hedges, well appreciated for its fruit, but little for its thorns, has the merit in autumn of putting on clothes with sumptuous hues.