Defining the space in a studio

Defining the space in a studio

In a studio, the different sleeping areas, kitchen, office and living room coexist in a single room. In order for the home to be pleasant, it is then necessary to visually separate the spaces to give each one its function without losing space. Impossible mission ? Not at all, the proof in pictures!

The kitchen separated from the living room

Alinéa In this studio, we chose to paint all the walls in the same color in order to create a unity. But to make the kitchen seem distinct from the living room, the furniture has a bright white color that contrasts with the darker colors of the living room.

A light partition and two colors

Alinéa In this room which also hosts the bathroom, we opted for a very thin partition which is installed on a small part of the room. To accentuate the separation, the two spaces display a very different color.

A piece of furniture as a separation

Alinéa To distinguish the living room space from the sleeping area in this studio, we opted for a library which serves as both a partition and storage. Some lockers remain free in order to let the glance pass and not to close the space.

Storage as room separation

Ikea In this large studio, we used storage against the wall and perpendicular to create a room separation that installs almost to the ceiling to emphasize the beautiful height available.

A bed and a plant partition

To separate the bedroom space from the rest of the room, the headboard serves as a visual separation. And to accentuate this effect, we opted for a sort of plant partition by placing climbing plants on a suitable trellis.

Colorful furniture

ikea In this room where all the spaces meet, we opted for a total white look with the exception of the black mezzanine bed which materializes the sleeping area. A large curtain also allows you to adjust the spaces as needed.

A colorful carpet

Ikea In this studio, the different spaces are distributed on the walls of the house all around the living room which takes its place in the center. To give it a certain consistency, we use a very colorful carpet which delimits the space in relation to other activities.

Curtains around the bed

Ikea To clearly define the sleeping area and thus sleep better, you can bet on a canopy bed that will allow you to isolate yourself or simply create a room by surrounding the bed with curtains.

Two different colors

Aim To materialize the office space of this studio, we chose to place the furniture in a slight recess and opt for two different colors that identify the functions of each space.