When Alinéa celebrates Christmas!

When Alinéa celebrates Christmas!

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Big brands are getting into Christmas time and Alinéa is no exception to tradition! On the program: festive collections that will make your home an ideal setting for the holidays thanks to decorations for the tree and for the house! Discover the collection in pictures.

Christmas mountain style

Alinéa The snow-covered slopes of the mountain inspire the brand, which offers a Christmas decor in natural tones reminiscent of wood. We opt for a snow-white tree that will welcome the wood-colored decorations and we add small wooden queens at the foot of the tree.

Golden christmas

Alinéa For a very festive spirit, Alinéa does not forget the golden, star color of the holiday season. The decor of the tree then shines brightly and the living room table receives glasses in the colors of the party. The decoration tip: a large vase accommodates golden Christmas balls for a very precious decoration.

Contemporary white christmas

Alinéa So that the Christmas decoration adapts to the design style of your interior, Alinéa offers a very contemporary white collection. On the program, garlands of white balls, luminous pots, luminous snowflakes and immaculate white fir trees.

Christmas in all rooms

Alinéa To enjoy Christmas in all the rooms of the house, the brand offers decorative accessories to give a festive air to all your interior. In the bedroom, we fall for this beautiful bright star who will watch over the headboard.

Simple christmas

Alinéa If you want to celebrate Christmas without making tons of it, Alinéa also has what you need. You will then simply have beautiful candlesticks on the table and some light branches and lanterns on your furniture.

Snow christmas

Paragraph For a Christmas under a white coat, we put on a white and soft decoration with a carpet with long wicks, a light fixture with feathers and a small white queen who settles in the corner of the room to set the tone.

Forest christmas

Alinéa Finally, for a natural Christmas, Alinéa offers you small wooden owls that will settle on the ground as in furniture. At the table, we put on a few fir branches and a candle to warm the atmosphere.


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