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155m² of Scandinavian minimalism in the heart of Berlin

155m² of Scandinavian minimalism in the heart of Berlin

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This dream apartment with Scandinavian charm is located on the 7th floor of a beautiful modern building, between Mitte and Kreuzberg, two popular districts of Berlin. In addition to a large living room of 85m², functional, refined and bathed in light, it is the pleasant view of the German capital that seduces at first glance. Push the door of this exceptional place…

A minimalist seating area

Fantastic Frank Respecting the Scandinavian tradition, the living room offers a decoration that goes to the essentials. Simply furnished with a gray pouffe-bench, two designer armchairs, a light wooden coffee table, and a few subtle decorative elements, this is a refined living space that does not forget to be welcoming.

A dining room open to the living room

Fantastic Frank Sublimated by beautiful natural light, the dining room also adopts a Scandinavian style imbued with minimalism. In addition to a beautiful light wooden table colored in light gray and four matching armchairs, only a few cushions and posters come to upset this decor where tranquility and serenity are in the spotlight.

A wooden stove, the centerpiece of the apartment

Fantastic Frank Capable of warming the atmosphere during the cool Berlin evenings, the rotating wooden stove, installed in the center of the room, gives soul to the space, while bringing it a warm touch.

An open and functional kitchen

Fantastic Frank Faithful to the friendly spirit that animates this Scandinavian apartment, the kitchen is open to the living room, dining room side. All white, it is simply enhanced with black thanks to an elegant granite worktop.

A room where it is good to sleep and… live!

Fantastic Frank Pass the door to the master bedroom. Here again, there was no room for the superfluous with a large bed dressed in linen, and, on the wall, magazine racks made of a simple hanging leather strap. When writing, we don't like, we love!

A corner office stack in the Scandinavian trend

Fantastic Frank Adjoining the master bedroom, a space dedicated to work has been imagined: a white desk with a designer base is surrounded by a timeless Eames chair, also white. On the left, arranged on the old-fashioned radiator, a portable lamp diffuses a soft light.

A bathroom in neutral tones

Fantastic Frank Welcoming, soothing… So many adjectives that describe this pretty bathroom that invites you to relax.

A guest room to receive in style

Fantastic Frank Because the relatives and friends of the owners are not to be outdone, they also have the right to a Scandinavian-inspired room with a breathtaking view…

A terrace that throws

Fantastic Frank Bordered by a balcony over a large part of its surface, this dream apartment also benefits from a pretty terrace. Overlooking an interior courtyard, this living and resting area offers a view of the famous Alexanderplatz.


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