Unusual: Design takes on a human face

Unusual: Design takes on a human face

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The designers' observation is clear, nothing and no one is more useful than a man since they decided to give vaguely human figures to small objects supposed to help us on a daily basis. The result is unusual but very playful. Demonstration.

Mr. muscle carries the coffee table

Edouard Rambaud To prove that the man is strong, here the legs of the table are replaced by a strong guy who does not hesitate to hold the tray at arm's length to serve you.

Mister the man carries the sponge for you

C What To help you with your dishes, here is an object that will bring a little sweetness to your kitchen. If you throw in the sponge to avoid household chores, this funny energumene takes care of retaining it with love until the next use.

Gentleman is gallant

Once is not custom, it is the man who holds the door! Better it will prevent it from slamming in the event of a draft by improvising sturdy doorstop. If you have always dreamed of having house staff, know that they are accessible! (18 euros).

Mister bulb head

Decorative toddlers A smart lamp? This is perhaps the idea of ​​this light with a humanized body and a bulb head that is sure to shine in your living room.

Mister is a fireman

Pa Design The women who fantasize about firefighters will no doubt be seduced by this funny guy in a fire helmet who will hold the wire of your electrical devices like a fire hose while waiting for you to decide to plug them in somewhere. A great profession!

Mister climbing

Pa Design These gentlemen have superpowers! They have magnetic hands that allow them to hang on your refrigerator or any other magnetic surface but also to keep your keys while waiting for the next exit.

Mister hula hoop

Pa Design When the gentleman puts himself in the hoop, it is with a roll of scotch tape that he puts on the show and turns into a dispenser that we install on our desk. Companion of hard work or modern slave, the choice is yours.

Mister is being tortured

Decorative kids Even in design, people are doomed to suffer! This is the proof of this guy transformed into a trivet which will have to accommodate hot pots and pans without flinching.

Mr. robot version

Decorative kids When it's not the man who does us a favor, it's the robot! In any case it will be very useful in the library to store your books and decorative items. What energize your wall!