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Natural and eco-friendly Christmas decoration shopping

Natural and eco-friendly Christmas decoration shopping

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For you, Christmas N matches Natural. Result, your special holiday decoration basket only accepts eco-friendly objects that screen artificial! Ditto for this inspired and inspiring slideshow.

Round candle holders

Ferm Living ### Pretty succession of very light wooden balls for this chenille candle holder which delights our magical and natural Christmas imagination. Or when candle lighting takes up residence in Scandinavia!

Love of logs

Fly ### On the walls, hearts made up of tiny wooden logs create a very "Christmas at the chalet" mood. Everything to make fans of the high mountains fall in love!

Royally natural crown

Linvosges ### Entirely made up of bare branches and devoid of any additional decoration, this Advent wreath claims more of its natural than royal style. And yet, this gross bias enchants us just as much, if not more…

Fake kraft paper gifts

Zodio ### On the tableware side, we get carried away with fake gifts covered with kraft paper and tied with raffia to place on plates. A recuperative and eco-friendly style that certainly enhances our naturally magical meal. The proof in pictures!

Ceiling branches

Geneviève Lethu ### Heaven, branches! Recovered in the woods or in the garden, then suspended from the ceiling, they offer a hint of wood inside. Ideal for setting up an "enchanted forest" atmosphere.

Bark hanging lamp

Paragraph ### Come on, fir side, we swap the traditional Christmas balls for hanging decorative animals echoing the winter forests. Better yet, we choose them in an ecological style: made of wood bark and pine cones!

Beautiful momentum

Fleux ### A Christmas "green" version, does that remind you of Canada? Here is a wall hook made of wood, precisely injected a Canadian atmosphere in your definition of the word Christmas.

Wooden trunks

Les 3 Suisses ### A few more logs by the fireplace? So much the better! We use it as a decorative support for Christmas! At zero euros and 100% natural, this diversion of objects cannot be refused!