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Wedding: 20 DIY thank you cards

Wedding: 20 DIY thank you cards

After the wedding, it is customary to thank the guests present at the happy event by sending them a thank you card. Out of inspiration? Discover 20 DIYs to make original, trendy, graphic and colorful cards. Follow the guide !

A ready-to-print card

Sugar pink The less creative will head for this pretty card to print. Once the printing is done, all you have to do is cut out your paper in the shape of a flower. Simply sublime! More info on this DIY: Sugar pink

A photo to remember the happy event

Fellow fellow What if we made a pretty personalized card made of paper decorated with the inscription "thank you" and put our best photo of a couple on it? More info on this DIY: Fellow fellow

A sober thank you card

Nikkol Christiansen Otherwise, why not illustrate your thank you card with a simple inscription made using red paint, the color of love, and a pencil. A small detail that will undoubtedly make all the difference! More info on this DIY: The paper

A fringed thank you card

Madame C's blog A thank you card with fringes to customize according to your tastes and desires, are you tempted? You just have to go to Madame C's blog. You won't be disappointed! More info on this DIY: Madame C's blog

A washi paper thank you card

Champaign toast The advantage of washi paper? He complies with all fantasies. Cut, folded, crumpled ... we love this new generation paper which offers us the possibility of making fun and economical thank you cards! The proof in pictures! More info on this DIY: Champaign toast

A festive envelope

Lauren Elise To create a surprise when opening your thank you card, do not hesitate to insert small glitter in the shape of a heart. Guaranteed result! More info on this DIY: The knotty bride

A thank you card in painting

The budget savvy bride Painting will also allow you to make thank you cards at a lower cost. A good way to let your creativity speak. More info on this DIY: The budget savvy bride

An up'cycling thank you card

Laydey katabella A thank you card you like? We have found for you this tutorial made with cardboard paper and a paper placemat. Simple and efficient ! Source: Laydey katabella

A postcard version thank you card

Martha Stewart What if we made a handmade postcard to thank family and friends! Decorated on the back of a photo of your couple, they will have a nice surprise by turning the card over! More info on this DIY: Martha Stewart

An envelope with the effigy of your wedding

Wedding news day Why not also make an envelope with the effigy of your wedding using a nice stamp with your two initials. A simple but yet original idea that will inevitably have a little effect. More info on this DIY: Wedding bee

A poetic thank you card

Craft unleashed The originality of the project lies in the heart-shaped patterns that decorate the envelope and the thank you card. Made with pink paper, they have it all! More info on this DIY: Consumer crafts

A thank you card to print

The casual craftlete And if we traded the traditional thank you cards sold commercially for one of these models to print. More info on this DIY: The casual craftlete

A simple thank you card

DeNote design On the same idea, you can also bet on one of the models available on the Louisa Boyles blog called DeNote design. Inscription "Thank you" or "Just married" ... it's up to you! More info on this DIY: DeNote design

A brilliant thank you card

Camille Styles With a sheet of white paper, glitter or golden paint, you will quickly be able to make this card as chic as it is glamorous. More info on this DIY: Camille Styles

A graphic thank you card

Oh so beautiful paper Artist in the grass, we challenge you to create this sublime ultra-graphic card produced using an ink pad and water-based paint. We crack! More info on this DIY: Oh so beautiful paper

A fun thank you card

Minted Better than the sober and impersonal cards, here is an original and funny version which will inevitably have its small effect! Paper and cotton, these are mainly the accessories you will need if you decide to take the plunge. More info on this DIY: A field journal

The photobooth thank you card

La crafterie Did you organize a photobooth during your wedding? So this is an opportunity to collect all the photos of your guests and customize them to create an original thank you card. Your guests will love to rediscover themselves! More info on this DIY: The crafterie

A thank you card to copy

Design by bitter sweet Buy kraft paper and white envelopes, add a small graphic pattern on each of your supports. Round the corners of your kraft paper and that's the job. A chic and elegant thank you card! More info on this DIY: Design by bitter sweet

A themed thank you card

Fiskars Your wedding took place during the fall period? So why not use the symbols of this season to make your thank you card. Wood-colored hearts, patterns of snowflakes, holly and leaves… the choice is yours! More info on this DIY: Fiskars