The new range of "Customizable" from Decoplus Parquets

The new range of "Customizable" from Decoplus Parquets

Do you dream of a decoration in your image? The "Customizable" range of Décoplus Parquets is made for you! This new concept makes it possible to create a unique, fully personalized parquet. In 4 steps, you can give free rein to your desires. Discovery!

Step 1: the choice of wood

Farrow & Ball The first step is to choose a wood. The woods are raw and revolve around two ranges. The Premier range offers a homogeneous and very contemporary appearance. The Campagne range is authentic and natural.

Step 2: the size of the blades

Farrow & Ball The size of the parquet boards is decisive in terms of decoration. Thanks to the Décoplus Parquets collection, it is possible to choose from several widths, namely 90, 130, 150 or 180 millimeters. It is also possible to bet on originality by combining several blade sizes.

Step 3: the choice of color

Décoplus Parquets If the Les Personnalisables range stands out as much, it is because it offers to opt for color! To do this, it joins forces with one of the greatest specialists in the field: Farrow & Ball. The famous brand of paint and wallpaper puts its expertise and its palette at the service of our floors. Thus, each project becomes unique. You have the possibility of choosing one or more colors to obtain a parquet in your image.

A sublimated color

Farrow & Ball Besides Farrow & Ball, the customization of the color of the parquet is made possible thanks to the participation of other color specialist partners. The choice is vast and the parquet adapts to the room it will decorate. Be creative!

Step 4: an impeccable finish

Farrow & Ball To magnify your floors and enhance the color or colors of your parquet, Décoplus Parquets offers you the choice of finish: mat, waxed or glossy.

Sky is the limit

Farrow & Ball The new Customizable concept of DécoPlus Parquets allows you to show creativity and originality. All projects are possible, even the craziest!

A tendency to decorate the floor

Farrow & Ball The care devoted to parquet and its decoration is part of the "selfeet", which aims to photograph his feet on original floors. With its range of Customizable, Décoplus Parquets is surfing this trend and competing with the most graphic cement tiles.

Parquet specialist

Décoplus Parquets Remember that Décoplus Parquets has been THE parquet specialist for 16 years. The company offers many ranges, quality products and especially new products throughout the year. The value for money is unbeatable, even on the most trendy models.


Farrow & Ball To present the wealth of its collections to the public, Décoplus Parquets has 25 showrooms in France and Switzerland. Each client is personally supported at each stage of their project by a team of professionals. * More information on Décoplus Parquets. *