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Very decorative parquet floors for your interior

Very decorative parquet floors for your interior

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To dress up your interior in a unique way, Emois et Bois has created the "Lumière d'Éincelles" collection which unexpectedly plays with colors and light. On the program: plain, bicolour, tricolor, matt, shiny or even ultra-shiny parquet floors. Presentation.

Altalena parquet

Emois et Bois ### Altalena parquet has two colors to give an aged spirit. Indeed the parquet alternates wood color and very dark wood almost black as weathered by time. The stripes formed create a very original parquet which will settle in an interior of character.

Farasan parquet

Emois et Bois ### Farasan parquet is an oak laminated with a waxed effect. It has a pretty fairly traditional color with touches of wear for a raw appearance. This fairly traditional parquet can be installed in a classic interior as well as in a loft.

Malita parquet

Emois et Bois ### Malita parquet is surprising because it is adorned with a deep red with patina effects. The floor then becomes the centerpiece of the decor! This type of parquet will be ideal for an ethnic interior for example.

Stellato parquet

Emois et Bois ### Finally, for a design and graphic spirit, we put on Stellato parquet which mixes black wood and white wood both very textured for an impressive material effect. The stripes bring a very decorative play of light.