8 creative leisure ideas for a personalized Christmas

8 creative leisure ideas for a personalized Christmas

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For a personalized Christmas, make way for creation! Glitter paint, twine, pine cones, cardboard, scraps of fabric or felt: the creative leisure workshop begins here!

Felt christmas balls

My Little Day ### Take polystyrene balls and wrap them in felt. Hang a wire and hang them on the tree like real Christmas balls! A soft and original decoration, easy to make with toddlers.

A garland for the table

La Redoute ### Fastoche to make a decorative garland intended to magnify the Christmas Eve table! We cut a few stars and barley sugars in red Canson before hanging them on a long string. Here is a table runner to make with the little bits!

A fir tree with objects

Fly ### Looking for an unusual and 100% creative wall Christmas tree? Here's one that sets an example! Entirely made up of decorations for the holidays (decorative letters, candle holders, deer, stars, pine cones, etc.), it calls on our little hands and our thirst for creativity ... It's your turn!

A sign to welcome

Maisons du Monde ### Welcome to the wonderful world of Christmas! In the entrance, a handcrafted sign says it. A wooden board, a large cardboard sheet to customize with felt-tip pens or fabric and voila!

A Christmas ball to customize

Maisons du Monde ### This year, in addition to the greeting cards, the glitter paint markers will help us to personalize our Christmas balls. To hang on the tree, to install in a cake server or to scatter on the festive table, they will, whatever happens, make a strong impression.

A fabric Advent calendar

Lexington ### The calendars of supermarkets have left their place to inventive homemade calendars! To put the chocolates, treats, gifts or little words in it ourselves, this is ideal. On the program, a small sewing workshop, and let's go!

A garland for the tree

Spoiler ### A few polystyrene balls, pine cones and bits of wood, these are the ingredients you need to make a pretty Christmas wreath with your little hands. So chic!