Kvik, the bathroom collection 2016

Kvik, the bathroom collection 2016

For the start of the 2016 school year, Kvik bathrooms are getting a new look and there is something for everyone. From classic to ultra-modern, all styles are represented. Observe rather.

Dark wood

Kvik White painted walls and ultra modern dark wood grinding stones for a black and white bathroom. * "Dark Wood" bathroom, € 1,083 *

Clean lines

Kvik For a small designer bathroom, combine Linea White elements with a Lava Night Sky colored sink to create a nice contrast. * Linea White Bathroom, € 283 *

Classic chic

Kvik Kvik revises the classic bathroom with "ponte" elements. Its clear solid wood countertop and porcelain sink have old-fashioned bathrooms. The design detail: the geometric pattern tiles, cement tile effect, ultra trendy this year. * "Ponte" bathroom, € 1,491 *

Combination of classic and modern

Kvik The beautiful hanging furniture of the Rimini range alone gives a modern and classic air to this bathroom. The very designer freestanding bathtub almost acts as a decorative piece of furniture. * Rimini bathroom, € 432 *

Bluish touches

Kvik For a contrasting bathroom, opt for the "Tinta" range and its blue aluminum accents. A soft harmony ideal for relaxing. * "Tinta" bathroom, € 1,065 *

Exclusive design

Kvik By combining the "Mano" range and its beautiful horizontal lines with the "square" sink, Kvik offers a luxury bathroom. Here, nothing is left to chance, the furniture is both design and functional for maximum space savings. * Mano Square Bathroom, € 2,182 *

Design down to the sink

Kvik Original, the design structure of the "Square" sink brings a design element to the bathroom. * "Square" sink, € 1,416 *

A simple and refined style

Kvik This bathroom breathes well-being with its matt white doors without handle and its integrated bathroom. Play on the contrast with a shower paved with dark tiles. * Mano bathroom, € 1,439 *

Modern and minimalist

Kvik The "Mano Sera" bathroom offers a modern and minimalist design with its clean and rigorous lines, in the image of the Danish style of the brand. * "Mano Sera" bathroom, € 1,276 *