10 ideas for a great wardrobe

10 ideas for a great wardrobe

Having a dressing room is good! But for it to be at the top, some small adjustments are necessary. With these few tips, learn how to optimize your wardrobe so that each of your accessories and clothes finds its place without worries.

A full-length mirror

IKEA In a large walk-in closet, your little pocket mirror will not make the weight. It is therefore essential that you have a large mirror. On the sliding doors of your walk-in closet, on the wall, or on legs like this, choose what you prefer. Mirror on legs, € 49 at Ikea

Make clothes easier to access

Mobalpa There are a few dressing accessories on the market that will make your clothes easier to store but also easier to access. We find for example at Mobalpa these sliding shelves as well as trouser bars.

These accessories that make the difference

Mobalpa To simplify your life, invest in small dividers for drawers. You will never lose a sock again! Crossover and fabric tray at Mobalpa

What it takes to store

IKEA Sheets and duvets for guests, beach towels,… We all have textiles that we do not use all year round. To store them discreetly, opt for rigid storage bags. Storage bag, € 11 at Ikea

Don't twist your neck anymore

Mobalpa The walk-in closets that occupy the entire height of the wall are good. Having to climb a ladder each time you want to take or put away a jacket is less good. As there is no problem without solution, we adopt the removable rod and the retractable tie rack.

Orderly shoes

IKEA The pairs of shoes that tend to pile up at the bottom of the cupboard, it's not terrible ... Here's a simple and inexpensive solution: the hanging shoe rack. Hanging shoe rack, € 5.99 at Ikea

Opt for sliding doors

KVIK Whether it is to access or cover your dressing room, sliding doors are always an efficient space saving option. Smart sliding doors, € 377 at Kvik

Provide a seat

Easy Closets As in this custom-made wardrobe by the company Easy Closets, always provide a small armchair or a cozy bench in your wardrobe. It will be useful for you when putting on your shoes, touching up your hairstyle or even contemplating the beautiful landscaping work you have done. Source: Easy Closets


KVIK Nothing like tailor-made for a wardrobe that adapts to both your needs and your desires. Dressing room, € 954 at Kvik