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New Conforama Spring / Summer 2016 collection

New Conforama Spring / Summer 2016 collection

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Spotlight on the new Conforama collection, which has great surprises in store for the summer season! The brand's designers have created a clever mix of indoor / outdoor atmospheres freely inspired by the tropical style and tinged with a touch of vintage. On the program, two collections of storage furniture with a very refined style, graphic patterns, punchy colors and lots of creativity!

Vintage clock-timer

Frédéric Wood Pastel or flashy, soft or intense, this season, color is king! The Nostalgia clock won us over with its vintage shape and pretty gold hue. It also exists in turquoise and cream. Nostalgia clock: € 12.99

Graphic bed linen

Frédéric Wood The Conforama brand excels in creating trendy accessories at low prices. The Ruby set is no exception to the rule, and enchants us with its graphic patterns. The set is available in red or blue to combine with any decor style! Ruby bed set: € 29

70's spirit

Frédéric Wood In its spring / summer 2016 collection, Conforama brings the 70's spirit to life with many rattan pieces. The editorial team fell for this armchair with rounded lines, as beautiful as it is comfortable! Ribao armchair: € 129

Pastel sweetness

Frédéric Wood After the triangle and the diamond, it is the octagon which now invades our interiors! The trays imagined by Conforama are available in two different sizes, on which pretty gray feathers are displayed. Plume tray: from € 8.50

Long live the tie & dye!

Frédéric Wood Summer is above all the season of outside lunches and colorful tables! Conforama tableware gives us the desire for sunshine and tasty meals on the terrace. Always in the vintage spirit, the tie & dye plunges us into the beautiful season with delight! Tiddi tableware (18 pieces): € 27.50

Mix & Match

Frédéric Wood Here is a very current scene, mixing ethnic and Scandinavian atmosphere. We love this little nomad beanbag that slips into every corner of the house! Bergen pouf: € 24.99

Punchy colors!

Frédéric Wood The flamingo is more relevant than ever. This summer, it comes in 5 different ways on pretty cushions in vitamin colors, which slip on the back of a vintage armchair or simply on the sofa. Flamingo cushion: € 9.99

Nomadic furniture

Frédéric Wood Favorite for this pretty side table that plays on the coffee tables or on the end of the sofa according to our desires. Its compass-style tripod base harmonizes perfectly with the roundness of the top, which displays ideal dimensions for a short stay: 42 cm in diameter. Pocket table: € 29.99

Zoom on the seats

Frédéric Wood Conforama reinterprets the famous toad armchair with this small model with compass feet. For the more spacious interiors, the French brand has imagined a larger armchair in the spirit of "Mad Men", always in a palette of sober colors. Ikonn armchair: € 298.99 Mady toad armchair: € 98.50


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