The "street art" trend takes over the decor

The "street art" trend takes over the decor

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The "street art" trend is taking over our homes to bring in a trendy, quirky arty urban style. Demonstration in pictures!

Graffiti and headboard

La Redoute ### The height of chic is to dare to combine a hyper-sophisticated bed, between quilt and lion's paws, with a headboard venturing into the trendy arty area of ​​graffiti artists.

Graffiti and storage

Les 3 Suisses ### Under a raised bed, cupboards for walk-in closet, office and library have interfered. Discreet in substance but not in form! Because from the top of their black-on-white "graff" style, they double the character of the room.

Graffiti and door

Paragraph ### At the entrance to the show, two street art baits create a highly graphic door frame. Or the art of giving a charm to a door!

Graffiti and canvas

Maisons du Monde ### Art, peace and graffiti in the city is the very clear message of this absolutely punchy and urban canvas. Everything to wake up the living room atmosphere!

Graffiti and bed linen

La Redoute ### Gently graffiti inscriptions wisely flourish on this gray bed linen. A premise of the tag style that avoids falling into a total rebel look!

Graffiti and armchairs

Trendy Tub ### On the back of a trio of armchairs, the head of a stencil painted deer followed by a collage and graffiti game echo our palette of urban inspiration. Enough to boost pretty falsely classic seats!

Graffiti and cushion

Teo Jasmin ### With punchy colors or even fluorescent colors, the art of graffiti seems to stick to the skin of this stylized arch cushion, and in passing, our decor.