Lace trend in decoration

Lace trend in decoration

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The haute couture style made its debut by embroidering, in our decor, effects of silk, linen or nylon threads. The lace style is trendy, and not only in fashion shows. The proof in pictures !


Chilewich In the dining room, the placemats soak up the lace style to reveal delicate design and aerial creations. Enough to make an impression at dinner time!


Essix Collection A high fashion cushion? And why not ? We melt at least for that one and its black embroidery on a white background sublimated by a pretty very feminine knot.

Pencil case

Spoiler Pencil pots have never had as much style as dressed in an all-lace outfit!


Marre Moerel Design Studio Here is a light for fashionista: a pendant wrapped in a very stylish lace neck warmer!


Baumann creation The windows are in turn adorned with lace.

Dessert dish

Cocobohème Do you like fine dishes, with a touch of delicacy? Here is for you a kitchen tray revealing an impression like "lace doily". Original and chic dishes!

Table lamp

Usine Déco A very successful lace effect on this pretty pink table lamp. Its borders take up the subtle and light appearance of this very chic textile.