Graphic inspirations in the heart of a 107 m² with refined charm

Graphic inspirations in the heart of a 107 m² with refined charm

Head for the Swedish bohemian island of Södermalm, located south of Stockholm. This is where a beautiful 107 m² apartment is ideally located. True cozy cocoon, this exceptional place gives pride of place to a refined decoration, where light wood and soft tones meet. Everything is subtly sprinkled with graphic touches: checkered wallpaper, patterned bed linen, geometric furniture and shelves… A gold mine of decorative inspiration. Visit.

A graphic living room bathed in light

Fantastic Frank From the entrance, head to the living room of this 107 m² dream, composed of elegant sofas in mottled fabric and ultra design coffee tables. The room is sublimated by superb wooden shelves created thanks to the multiplied geometric shapes. On the wall, the squared wallpaper gives the room maximum volume.

Focus on the decor of the show

Fantastic Frank Always at the show, let's take the time to admire the magnificent wooden shelves composed of classic geometric shapes - round, square, oval - as more original. Transformable at will, the modules thus create THE storage space suited to the needs of owners.

A relaxation corner a touch of urban jungle

Fantastic Frank Cherry on the cake? The hammock hanging in a corner of the living room. Suitable for relaxation, this space is decorated with plants. What strengthen the exotic atmosphere of this beautiful place to live.

A first immaculate bedroom

Fantastic Frank Minimalism always in the first bedroom of the apartment, just decorated with a small bench in raw wood. And, echoing the living room, a grid wallpaper also took place on the wall. As for bed linen, make way for pretty graphic prints.

A second, more contrasting bedroom

Fantastic Frank In the second bedroom of the apartment, zoom in on a more contrasting decoration, a skilful mixture of wallpaper, always checked, and a bed set, matched with a clothes rack and a matt black light fixture.

A bathroom that goes to the basics

Fantastic Frank Very refined, the bathroom highlights a beautiful walk-in shower, which you can guess in the reflection of the mirror and offers a refined decoration, just composed of a few beautiful beauty and care products.

An artist studio style office

Fantastic Frank Adjoining one of the bedrooms, a beautiful office has been imagined. Here, we find a beautiful graphic wallpaper sublimated by a beautiful natural light.

Long white cuisine

Fantastic Frank A convivial room par excellence, the kitchen has been dressed in bright white, reflecting the light that floods the space. The decor tip to remember? Having opted for a long kitchen. A good way to visually stretch this room in a row.

A dining area with harmonious curves

Fantastic Frank Open to the kitchen, a dining area has been arranged. On the rounded table, we love the cotton flowers highlighted in an elegant vase, also rounded. A harmonious decor as desired.