Mugs are deco!

Mugs are deco!

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A mug is useful, not expensive, and as a bonus, it's decorative! In short, to offer or to offer, we love it. Especially when it adopts an unexpected, funny or unusual look ... Quickly, to complete your collection of special dishes "tea, coffee and hot chocolate", discover our selection of mugs!


Ferm Living Triangles and diamonds are out, we have the trendy harlequin look! Or when the kitchen gets carried away for a little geometric and funny graphic touch. And it's not for lack of having elected her in black and white…


Fleux Would our grandmothers' favorite game have inspired the design of a collection of trendy mugs? Affirmative. It remains to choose the letter you want to wear for breakfast!

All wood

Neest A beech mug? We will have seen it all. One thing is certain, this one cannot hide his Scandinavian inspiration. Irresistibly trendy? Certainly !


dé Another game as decoration inspiration. This time, it's the cubic aspect of lego that plays with our mugs. Easy to crack isn't it?


The Collection Small inscriptions have baptized each of these mugs: drink, love, hot, love… Everyone has to choose the one that best suits them!


AM.PM The numbered style appropriates the trend of mugs by classifying them from 1 to 4. A playful way of assigning a number to each owner so as not to tangle brushes.

Double sided

Fleux Two cups cut in profile and then united in a single model, that makes… an improbable (but hyper romantic) mug with double faces. If you like rare pieces, all you have to do is succumb!


Fleux Some decorative accessories can afford to have a sense of humor without making mistakes of bad taste. This is the case for mugs, in this case, this pretty model bearing the effigy of the books "Monsieur, Madame". To give us a good morning smile!


Ikea For the gourmands and gourmands that a fine and narrow mug cannot satisfy, we vote for an XXL version to hold in both hands. This one has potential!


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