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20 kitchens with open shelves for inspiration

20 kitchens with open shelves for inspiration

In a sleek and Scandinavian style, open cupboards invade the kitchen! More practical and easy to access, they allow you to enhance your pretty dishes and better know where you have stored such or such utensils. Overview of the most beautiful open shelves to put in your kitchen.

Scandinavian style in the kitchen

AMPM These wooden shelves (Niska reference), with visible white brackets, structure the space and give a Nordic style to the kitchen. To energize the room, choose an exotic wallpaper and change the pattern between the part located under the shelves and the one located above.

Design recesses

Mobalpa In an open kitchen, there is often a lack of space to store your dishes and utensils. The shelves built into the worktop and the black walls allow to ditch American kitchen and storage capacity in a very contemporary spirit.

Colorful open shelves

Purpose On a dark or brick wall, nothing like a series of small pop-colored decorative shelves to give relief to the room. Choose a shade that is already found in your kitchen, on furniture, appliances or cupboards for example, for more harmony.

Graphic storage

Cuisinella These colorful shelves, located on the left of the kitchen, provide additional storage while adding a touch of color. Install them in staggered rows to create a visually more interesting graphic space.

Framing your kitchen items

Ixina These shelves are like a library, and yet they have a special place in the kitchen! They frame the kitchen elements already present, which allows you to have additional, more ventilated high storage, which does not weigh down the space.

A compartmentalized piece of furniture

Ixina The collaboration between the Ixina brand and pastry chef Philippe Conticini has resulted in very well thought out compartmentalized kitchen shelves. You will no longer have an excuse not to tidy up your kitchen!

Colorful built-in shelves

Conforama Play with colors and shapes with these built-in shelves, which combine perfectly with closed storage. You will be able to choose which objects you wish to store in one as in the other, according to their frequency of use.

Glass shelves

Conforama For a brighter room, choose glass shelves to store your dishes but also decorative objects and green plants. Install them preferably near a window or an opening that lets in natural light.

A functional work plan

Design Kitchen This harmonious and design kitchen has an open shelf in its work plan but also among the kitchen cupboards, which allows you to store a maximum of things in a rather narrow space or simply to display some decorative objects.

Small decorative shelves

Cuisinella Who says cooking is only for cooking? Today, it is a living room that also deserves to be decorated. Place shelves at the end of a work surface or near a dining area, on which you will put decorative objects (frames, plants, mirror ...) to dress the wall.

The continuity of a credenza bar

Kitchen Design If you have a splash bar in your kitchen, you can place shelves in its continuity, to store the dishes that you use daily like coffee cups. This will prevent you from having a too long, and therefore quite unsightly, credenza bar.

Open wooden storage

Mobalpa To break the very professional style of a stainless steel kitchen, install open wooden shelves, which will be both design and natural. Highlight them with decorative items and remember to regularly dust!

Rustic cuisine

Mobalpa In a wooden kitchen like this, the rustic style is in the spotlight. To further support this small country side, place your pots and pans on open shelves. You can also store bottles of wine there.

Shelves in a corner

Cuisinella The corners of a kitchen are often impractical to accommodate storage. By placing shelves, you do not waste space and this allows you to enlarge the room a little, by putting plants or cookbooks, for example.

A storage wall

Mobalpa If you want to delimit the space between open kitchen and living room, without having a separation wall, store your dishes and your recipe books on several shelves which will form a sort of library. The higher it goes, the less space you will lose.

A functional central island

Ixina Today, the open shelves slide everywhere in the kitchen! If they are traditionally installed on the walls, they now invade worktops, and even kitchen islands, to combine functionality and practicality.

Store utensils within easy reach

Leroy Merlin If you do not want to pierce your walls, you can completely use open shelves as a sideboard, worktop or central island, to have the utensils you use closest to you when you cook.

A decorative border

Ikea If you have an open kitchen that overlooks a dining room, these Ikea shelves will be very practical for placing certain condiments when you are having dinner or photo frames, for example, to decorate the living room outside. meals.

An ingenious kitchen cabinet

Castorama If you dare not put open shelves in your kitchen, this piece of furniture is a good alternative! It contains clever shelves with small guardrails to accommodate your condiments and preserves, and closes when you receive guests or want to save a little space in your room.