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Flea market decoration throughout the house

Flea market decoration throughout the house

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Lovers of garage sales, used to fleas or recycling lover: flea market decoration, or the art of sublimating the house with old objects, is made for you! Discover our inspiration book declined in all the rooms of the house.

Zinc in the kitchen

Castorama Using decorative zinc letters, crosswords are created on the walls. A pretty inspired and inspiring staging!

Objects found in the games room

Maisons du Monde School desk, retro sign customizing the wardrobe and terrestrial globes on the windowsill: this is a games room inspired by the flea market spirit, between a reduced-price layout and a divinely retro style.

A wooden desk

Maisons du Monde An industrial style architect's chair and lamp found in a garage sale, here are some beautiful elements that have energized the office area.

Garage sale finds

Maisons du Monde Found in a flea market, decorative zinc letters skillfully energize the living room wall decoration. Or the best way to inject a subtle vintage note into the room, and to highlight the authenticity and the old.

An old club chair for reading

Comptoir de Famille Chinées over the flea markets, old assembled clocks form, in a corner of the reading area, an amazing creation that catches the eye. The flea market spirit is also that: take ownership of the old by letting your creativity speak!

A shabby chic bathroom

Comptoir de Famille The total flea market look is installed in the room dedicated to well-being. But for more sobriety, we can also limit ourselves to a mirror, a towel holder or an emblematic old object like the sewing mannequin to set the scene!

A retro children's room

Maisons du Monde Cribs are back in the heart of the trend. The opportunity to hunt for one before refurbishing it with a coat of paint, to install it in the children's room. Because the world of childhood currently swears by retro style!

The parental bedroom loves it

AM.PM No need to play the total flea market look in the bedroom. A simple wall lamp turned into a bedside lamp is enough to create a charming atmosphere in the room.

Cozy cuisine

Comptoir de Famille If like us you are a fan of the family house style in the kitchen, adopt furniture flea market without delay. Wooden furniture, shell handles and antique objects set the tone barely installed.

A mottled headboard

Maisons du Monde To give the room all the charm of yesteryear, bet on a refined and elegant rattan headboard. Combined with linen bed linen in natural colors and a small light wooden bedside table, the decor is full of authenticity.

Misappropriated furniture

Maisons du Monde The advantage of finding furniture is that it can be diverted from its primary function, like this industrial sideboard which transforms into a vanity unit in the bathroom. Same idea with the dining room showcase which here becomes a storage for towels and beauty products.

A bar area

Comptoir de Famille Pratique this small bar that stylishly separates the kitchen area from the lounge area. What we like about him is his flea market which brings an extra touch of charm to the decor.

In the bathroom

AM.PM Do not be afraid to adopt the flea market style in the bathroom! A triptych mirror, an old display case, a wooden sideboard diverted into a vanity unit, and voila!

A practical buffet

Maisons du Monde Do you dream of a flea market style buffet in your hallway or in your dining room but the idea of ​​getting up early on Sunday doesn't appeal to you any more than that? Go to Maisons du Monde to get this charming model!

Flea market atmosphere for an aperitif

Maisons du Monde This little corner for an aperitif with friends has the allure of yesteryear with its raw wood furniture, its authentic lines and its decorative objects. We love !

Mirrors for a touch of style

AM.PM To give a small flea market style in the living room, it is not necessary to adopt it in total look. A few rattan mirrors found this summer will do the trick!

In total look in the dining room

Maisons du Monde Know that you can also adopt the flea market style from floor to ceiling without making a mistake. The proof with this dining room which has carefully mixed aged wooden furniture, demijohns of yesteryear and decorative metal objects.

A mottled trolley

Comptoir de Famille Are you lucky enough to own a beautiful claw-foot bathtub, but you don't know how to stage it in an authentic atmosphere? Simply accompany it with a pretty wooden and metal sideboard with an aged look.


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