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Paris Deco Off: Our selection

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From 17 to 22 January 2013, Paris Deco Off is waiting for you to introduce you to the greatest creators of international decoration in their Parisian showrooms with themed windows "Myths and legends revisited". To help you prepare for your journey, we invite you to discover some beautiful pieces that you will find at the brands of the event.

Noctis by Arte

Arte Noctis is a contemporary crumpled wall covering applied on a non-woven backing, printed with metallic inks. It offers an immediate rendering and a feeling of depth to the wall it dresses.

Mariano by Arte

Arte A refined non-woven wall covering with slightly metallic prints, this wallpaper revisits the traditional pattern of wallpaper. Both in the French tradition and in the modernity of the effects, this wallpaper will play chameleons.

Stanford by Casadeco

Casadeco This non-woven vinyl revisits the Baroque style by opting for an opulent motif which finds its place in a rather discreet way on a contemporary colored wallpaper. The whole is feminine and daring.

Heliodor by Arte

Arte This extraordinary coating is a marquetry made by hand in natural fibers which will not fail to bring a very precious aspect to your room by dressing the walls with elegance.

Fabrics by Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson To combine the East with the West, Jim Thompson uses a hand-woven silk ikat pattern that embodies modern design while displaying a traditional tie-dye (gradient) technique.

Camille by Cassaro

Cassaro The Camille designer floral curtain and the Brilla designer curtain offer a chic and elegant spirit at home by offering interesting material effects and color contrasts that enhance the textile. Between tradition and modernity, these curtains will find their place in any interior.

Totem by James Malone Fabrics

James Malone Fabrics To bring a masculine and elegant touch to your furniture, James Malone Fabrics offers a striped fabric with a textured finish that gives it an ethnic aspect embodied by the name Totem.

Material by Diurne

Diurnal To stage your floor, the carpet is the essential of the house. At Diurne, the carpet is graphic with abstract volumes and shades of color for a soft and elegant atmosphere.