Chic and ecological kitchen accessories

Chic and ecological kitchen accessories

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Passionate about cooking and trendy "green", here is a selection of eco-friendly accessories and utensils to which you should succumb.

Bamboo cutlery

Ekobo ### We melt for this adorable collection of bamboo cutlery tinted with colors.

A wooden egg cup ### We fell in love with this globular wooden egg cup in total harmony with our natural and gentle meal cravings.

A bamboo fruit basket

Ekobo ### To bear fruit, we adopt without delay this bamboo basket with generous shapes having borrowed its style from the 1950s.

A cork trivet

Ferm Living ### Cork balls making up a trivet? It's chic, eco-friendly, and original!

A wooden cutting board

Trendybees ### Playful, this cutting board appeals to us for its woody look but also for its design in the shape of a puzzle piece. An originality to which we are anything but indifferent!

A bamboo utensil holder

Ekobo ### This is a multi-faceted storage unit designed to facilitate the storage of kitchen utensils while occupying a minimum of space. The design is a clever mix of natural bamboo and lacquered paint.

A bamboo salad bowl

Ekobo ### Combining the bamboo material with the choice of dishes in the kitchen, like this salad bowl, is betting on a trendy homecoming, but with ease.


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