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Top 10 decor styles most pampered by teenage boys

Top 10 decor styles most pampered by teenage boys

Need inspiration for your teen's bedroom? Here are the 10 most popular styles for boys aged 12 to 17!


La Redoute ### Rock attitude rhymes with rebellious attitude. In summary, she does not escape the teen-agers saga, delighted to make music vibrate in their bedroom and the universe that goes with it!


Maisons du Monde ### There are many teens who practice sport as hobbies! Also, we do not hesitate to shout it in the decor using numbered patterns like the jerseys worn during competitions, medals, tickets or tables!

Geek attitude

Goal ### Geeks at heart, this is the decor for you. A room in which the @ and the & flow naturally! Or the pervasive mastery of a computer style.

New York

Goal ### NYC style bursts into the bedroom of those who idolize the city where you never sleep. Change of scenery guaranteed, trendy spirit won!


Paragraph ### The Union Jack is one of the most popular designs among teenagers. So yes, the British inspiration straight from the London capital is a safe bet on which we can count!


Goal ### Loft and workshop inspiration for a teenager who likes the trend of industrialism and originality to take the decor to New York without writing the letters N.Y.C.


Castorama ### Strong colors, graphics and dynamism, that appeals to 12 - 17 year olds! The vision of daily life according to them is precisely that: a cocktail of punch with which you let off your energy!


Fly ### In fashion as in decoration, the "scull" or skull motif is a hit. Reason enough to display it throughout the decor, on the carpet, furniture and even walls ...


Fly ### To all comic book devourers, propelling your bulimia of comics into the background is not to be excluded, but rather to be taken!