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When the installation of the coating sublimates the ground

When the installation of the coating sublimates the ground

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Once you have chosen your flooring, the job is not finished! We will have to think about how you put it because it is this technique that will enhance your interior and enhance your choice of coating. Here are a few ideas that will help you get inspired before implementing your soil.

The French parquet pattern

Didier Cabuy Symbol of French refinement, the Versailles parquet pattern is a very complex pose that is assembled in the form of square panels. This type of installation is sure to bring elegance and sophistication to your interior.

A checkerboard pose

Fly To bring a more graphic and sophisticated look to your parquet, you can opt for a pose that recalls checkerboards. Thus, the parquet planks will be laid in one direction on a square and in the opposite direction afterwards to create a kind of wooden grid.

A pose to define a room

Didier Cabuy When laying your parquet in a large open room, you can bet on a classic pose throughout the space and simply provide a perpendicular parquet strip that will separate the living room from the dining room for example.

An installation of two floors

Charm and Parquet If you want to create an original effect on your floor, you can choose to integrate two different coverings in the same room. For example, we will attach light parquet with black tiles to offer an original rendering and create a decorative effect like a kind of carpet under a table for example.

A pose to delimit the spaces

Charm and Parquet Similarly you can use two different floors to separate two spaces in the same open room. Do not hesitate to mix cement tiles with parquet to create a real break in the majority coating.

Parquet planks with concrete

Charm and Parquet If you want to bring a warm touch to your concrete floor, during installation you can provide compartments that allow you to integrate parquet boards. The appearance will then be more graphic and warm.

A coating path

Saint Maclou In the corridors, but also in the other rooms, you can use the floor coverings to create a kind of path that will add a decorative touch to your passage room while materializing it. We put for example on the same carpet in two different colors.

A pattern with the carpet

Saint Maclou And to create an original pattern on your floor, you can bet on the same carpet in multiple colors that you will put in stripes to give pep to the whole room!

Carpet tiles

Saint Maclou Do you prefer a checkerboard to stripes? It will then be enough to choose a carpet in the form of a tile that you can install as you wish by mixing the colors in an original way.