Ideas for wall decoration recovered with paper

Ideas for wall decoration recovered with paper

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Boost a monochrome wall without breaking the bank in the purchase of decorative fabrics, easy! You just have to collect some extra flat paper accessories, play with the accumulation and the unusual and thus create a sensation. Our mine of ideas to seize!

Oversized letter

AM.PM ### Printed on A3 format, the penultimate letter of the alphabet caused a sensation on the wall. Or how to sow the letter trend ourselves in the oversized version…

Pantone shades

AM.PM ### What if the master of color, Pantone, dictated the look of the walls? You choose your favorite colors from one of its color charts, and display them vertically, like works of art.

Geography map

AM.PM ### For lovers of china, garage sales and flea markets, the geography maps formerly used in schools could well give a crazy charm to the decor ... and make it travel at the same time!

Handwritten letters

AM.PM ### Freehand writing could also become the master of the decor. Neat or messy, to each his personality, to each his style!

Patchwork of photos

Ikéa ### Out of inspiration to wake up the white of the walls? Photos are coming to the rescue! Souvenirs from holidays, family, a trip ... All these beautiful moments could now be an integral part of the decor. To make us smile and make the guests smile…

Book imagery

AM.PM ### Before throwing away old books, leaf through them. Some pages of them could allow you to shape a resolutely unusual and 100% literary wall decoration.

Little words

Ikéa ### Assembled in the shape of a giant round above the bed, simple little pieces of paper tape us with their creativity and their stylized rendering.

Sweet heart

Ikéa ### Cut out of white paper by the care of our little hands, a big heart flourishes fully on the wall, perched above the marital bed!